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Sep 6, 2008 06:53 AM

Moved to Alexandria instead!

Hello DC chowhounders. My hubbie and I just got settled into Alexandria, we should be here till mid December. We originally planned to move into DC, but from what I hear the food in Alexandria is worth checking out (and often better than DC itself). We are so excited to get out and start eating. Already looking foward to Michel Richards Central and interested in City Zen. Our favorites include real italian, sushi and seafood, thai, bistros, tapas, a great steak place, home style, southern cooking from time to time. We love doing brunch, and are big tea and coffee house, wine bar types. We also are doing some split shiftgs, so any good lunch places would be nice to know. Honestly tho, basically anything goes, lol. We eat out at a high end place once or twice a month ($200ish for 2), and average to lower priced once a week or so. I would love to find a great cheese shop (its my favorite food on earth), a trustworthy butcher and fishmonger. I did see you have whole foods, but also love to hit the farmers markets as often as possible. Living off Jefferson Davis, but willing to travel for anything that tweaks my taste buds.

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  1. Well you are in a great spot.

    For Southern a more high end would be the Majestic, and more low end would be Southside 815.

    Not on your list really but Eammons has great fish and chips, and The Pita House has great Middle Eastern and you must go to Eve or PX for cocktails, well and Eve for food too :)

    For a good cheese shop, Cheesetique in Alexandria is great, there is a butcher right there as well, but I have never been there or used him. The farmers market in Del Ray is nice.

    For lunch you can get the Lickety Split lunch at Eve for a steal, which is a nice way to taste their food. Vermillion has nice Italian, Hank's Oyster Bar has good seafood.

    There is also a Trader Joes in Alexandria, and etc. I do all my shopping at Wegmans so I don't have to go to a whole lot places, but the closest one might be a drive for you I am not sure.

    In Del Ray they have a great taco place Taqueria El Poblano (not listed as one of you food things, but thought you might be interested) also in Del Ray for classic American Evening Star Cafe is really nice.

    Also I just went to Food Matters and was really impressed, they have small and large plates, the antipasto appetizer plate was very good.

    In Rosslyn Ray's the Steaks is the steak place. It is really the best in our area. Brunch in Arlington at Tallula, in Shirlington at Carlyle and Luna Grill are nice.

    For Tapas I think Jaleo is pretty good, they have one in Crystal City. In DC for authentic Spanish Tapas I also really enjoy Taberna Del Aberdero, the ham, cheese, croquettes and patatas bravas taste almost as good as eating them in Spain. I also like Zaytinya for greek tapas. I like it better than Jaleo although they are owned by the same person.

    If you just search the threads for the different things you eat you will find lots of stuff. But if you are having a hard time finding something specific just ask.

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      Went out in the rain today and happily stumbled on Cheesetique. Hubbie and I had sandwiches and wine in the back and brought a few cheeses home for later. Looking foward to trying some suggestions from CH.

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        I'd agree w/ kt's recs on everything except Food Matters (I haven't been there yet), but I wouldn't call Vermillion an Italian place or Majestic a Southern place; both seem to me to just be contemporary upscale (and good) American.

        Also, the OP mentioned farmer's markets; Alexandria has a handful, detailed on the city's website at

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          I wouldn't really call Majestic "southern," at least not in it's most recent incarnation. There are fried green tomatoes on the menu, but otherwise it's just good solid Americana, with a 4-star chef behind it, no less. Your recs are great, though, having only been here a few months myself. What is the story on Food Matters?

        2. One of my personal favorites is a popular, local chain called Moby Dick.
          There are about 12 of them in the DC/MD/VA area. It is Iranian food, and in my
          experience always high quality and freshly prepared. (I have been mostly to the one in Bethesda.) It is great value and heatlhy, too. I go for the "chicken and bread" (joojh) or chicken and rice. The hummus is creamy and amazing, too. Please report back if you try it! ENJOY!

          1. One more is actually called MOBY HOUSE OF KABOB." =)

            1. Italian-A La Lucia!!
              Local/Seasonal-Vermillion, Eve, Evening Star Cafe
              Cheap Eats- The Pita House, Southside 815, King St. Blues
              NoVa has terrific Korean in Annandale, Vietnamese at the Eden Center
              Sushi-MoMo Cafe in Old Town
              Thai-Passara Thai in Kingstowne and Rice and Spice on Franconia
              Farmers Markets-Get thee to the Fairfax County markets, Del Ray market and West End Alexandria market before they close for the season at the end of October. They are all terrific. The Old Town Alexandria market runs year round, as does the Dupont Market in DC (very worth the trip into DC).
              Southern/BBQ- Dixie Bones in Woodbridge is worth a short drive south.


              1. For one of your high end meals you must go to Restaurant Eve. It's my favorite restaurant in the DC area. The food is incredibly delicious, you can try cocktails from the best bartender in the area, and the service is always excellent.

                Also, I know Tallula was already mentioned for brunch, but I've had some great dinners there as well so I would definitely try there too. And, the bar connected to the restaurant (Eat Bar) is a great wine bar w/ good small plates.

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                1. re: dcfoodie13

                  Resto Eve was spot on, enjoyed every morsel from Steak Tartare, to Rabbit, to Fish. The sevice was great, and friendly. I couldn't believe the cocktail list- YUM! The wine sommelier also came over even tho hubbie and and I only got a glass each and he choose wine that wasn't on the list for our meals. I ended with the cheese course, hubbie with special donuts. All delectable.
                  ALso been to momo sushi a few times, Zaytinyas in Dc (awesome), among others. Heading to Rays Hell Burger on Monday- any suggestions there? Planning to do a Tapas place next weekend (cork vs jaleo). Overall enjoying the food here.