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Sep 5, 2008 11:16 PM

voodoofest ideas

my wonderful wife gave us a week surrounding voodoofest for my 40th. she even sprung for the oh my $hit, way too expensive vip tix (any advice here as to worth it?). i'd like to thank her back with amazing food. brightsen's is always a must. it looks like hrebsaint is another. she's intrigued with john besh from food network. good idea? anything good to explore for dinner in local surrounds after leaving voodoofest? also, have been trolling club sites for music. seems too ealry. any suggestions as to night time musical mayhem?

thanks in advance

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  1. You are one lucky guy! I am jealous. VIP tickets! Who cares if they are a good deal. It's going to be awesome!

    If you are here on a Monday, take her to Mat and Naddie's. Get reservations for a table on the patio. They have a cute little two piece band. Order the chargrilled oysters. The best in town in my opinion.

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      i would recommend Liuzza's by the Track. i ate there last year before i went to voodoo and loved it. we had the BBQ shrimp poboy and the garlic oyster poboy all long with a few apps. the howling wolf is all ways good for music.

      it's not to far from the main gate of the fest wich is right behind the New Orleans Museum of Art @ 1 Collins Diboll Circle @ the end of Esplanade ave. it's almost a mile you could park close to Liuzza's and walk to the show. .

    2. VIP passes are $450.00

      1. I had the most amazing dinner experience last Friday night at Martinique Bistro (5908 Magazine St. - very close to Whole Foods). I definitely recommend you check it out. There is a small dining room but most of the seating is in their sizable patio. The weather was great the other night - not so hot with a pleasant breeze - but it should be even better around Halloween. My guest and I had the sun-dried tomato gnocchi and duck sausage for appetizers. Both were outstanding with the gnocchi being especially delicious. My entree was the flat iron steak medium rare topped with a cabernet sauvignon reduction served with truffle mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus spears. The steak was cooked perfectly and so tender with a light crust and the sauce was out of this world. My guest had the duck breast and duck leg confit topped with a sort of maple praline pecan glaze or sauce and served with goat cheese grits and asparagus spears. He especially loved the grits. We split a chocolate cake and ice cream dessert which was served warm and tasted like a brownie. I'd try the profiteroles next time. They looked amazing and were recommended by a neighboring table. The whole experience was five star in our opinion.

        1. thank you all. I know that I'm a lucky man. no doubt. I will admit to a bit of prodding on the trip itself but the VIP were her idea entirely. I love the idea of Liuzza's before the show and i'll check into martinique bistro. please keep them coming. I'm so excited.


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            matt & naddies reads very well! thnx!

          2. We always get VIP both weekends for jazz fest (with VIP parking over $3K and worth every penny). Had them once for voodoo, IMO a waste ( not trying to be a buzz kill, but you asked). Herbsaint, Cuvee and August are excellent. Lola's on Esplanade for just leaving the fest, casual mediterranean dining. Ask for mojo with your paella. Go to Commander's M-F for lunch. (garden room). One on Hampson is also good.

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              can you give me a little info on lola's? also, curious as to why VIPs n voodoofest are a waste. No offense taken. promise. heh


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                VIP offers very little for the extra expense. Bleacher seating is poorly located. We never used it. You get the privilege of buying different cocktails and food, (nothing special). Parking is ok but again, not worth the $$. Lola's is cash only, no resv. Casual mediterranean dining. Generous portions, inexpensive, good sangria and paella (we prefer the meat version). A side of mojo sauce really perks it up. They use a ton of garlic. Garlic shrimp and chicken are good. Shrimp with angel hair is good and enough to share. Fabada (soup) is also good. Only menu items we don't care for are the cold mussel app. and the lamb stew. Crab salad is just ok. You can also BYOB. They may charge a small corkage (their libations are so inexpensive we don't bother). There are a few outside tables for those waiting fto be seated. BYOB or have them bring you something. Sip is across the street so you can pick up a bottle.