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Sep 5, 2008 09:07 PM

Your favorite everyday olive oil?

What do you use? Is Covalita the best "mainstream" olive oil out there?

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  1. That's a good question. I'll have to organize a taste test. Don't know what you mean by "everyday" as I only use extra virgin oils and tend toward Italian novello when I can get it. Usually Italian, rarely French, but now am working on an Iliada from Greece. Also have a Carapelli and a Cefalu, both gifts, awaiting use in the pantry. As far as I'm concerned, the greener and more peppery, the better. "Light" olive oil has no place here. That's why I don't like French olive oil as they try to make sure it doesn't taste much like olives and that's what we pay for and enjoy.

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      Everyday = affordable and easy to find

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        Filippo Berrio Organic Extra Virgin in the big plastic bottle.
        Its also bread-dipping worthy

      2. I'm a fan of Pompeian...very affordable and I think delicious.

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          Has anyone tried the Californian olive oil?

        2. i use a variety usually have a couple of bottles opened. trader joe's olive oil for cooking. extra virgin for salads and toppings etc i keep a special one. at present just finished a bottle of trader joe's but i have a carapelli waiting, another californian olive oil i picked up at the ferry street farmer's market. there is a french leblanc that i am partial to. it tastes of lemons so have that as well. my rule of thumb is usually to stick with something affordable for cooking and keep the special stuff for the rest where you can taste the oil.

          1. I found in a pretty extensive tasting (about 30 varieties) recently, Colavita is very good (and is widely available). It is mild and fruty, so I find it very versatile. Pompeian is a good value. My favorite right now (though not so widely available) is Roland Spanish Blend, which is "a balanced mix of Arbequina and Picual Oils". Very fruity. Lovely floral scent. To me, it's everything olive oil should be. The nice thing is, the gallon was only $17! I should have bought two, but fear it would go rancid by the time I would get to the second one. I just hope I can find it again when I need more.

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              Trader Giotto's Extra Virgin from Trader Joe's is my staple EVOO. My tastes run toward the mature, fruity, buttery kind of olive oil (not the in-the-rage peppery Tuscan).

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                Is there any widely available OO that tastes peppery? Is peppery-ness mostly reserved for those more expensive and exotic oils?

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                  In my experience, the spanish olive oils tend towards pepperiness. i would find a place where you can try these. again i would hesitate to cook with extra virgin and use regular olive oil for cooking. i have tried out olive oils if using with salad or as drizzle on dips or bruschetta. williams sonoma will let you. farmer's markets will let you. i believe whole foods also has oil tasting. check around.

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                    Actually, I find the Spanish olive oils milder and more fruity. It just goes to show how many varieties exist out there, and how we can all interpret tastes differently. Actually, here is a tasting wheel that I've found helpful I'm not saying that I am a professional taster. I'm sure I don't always recognize or classify the flavor profiles correctly. I find that olive oils can have muddled flavors that are hard to identify. Palate fatigue seems more likely with oil tastings too, since it so thickly coats the inside of the mouth, and isn't easily rinsed away.

              2. I love Colavita. Always have it in the house...