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Sep 5, 2008 08:26 PM

Father's Birthday Dinner Help!

It's my dad's birthday this Sunday and I have no idea where to go for dinner! Location: around either Pasadena or Glendale would be ideal but no further than West Hollywood. Price: maybe 30-40 per person. Food: Italian/French would be good, but anything is fine.
Any good recommendations? Thanks in advance!

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  1. , Bistro la Gare in So Pas., Shiro (Asian French) So.Pas, Cafe Beaujolais in E.R, great Italian place in Pasadena west of Delacey Green St. (and I'm forgetting the name), small very intimate. Madelienes will get you out of Old town and the parking is managable. Elegant space, good food and extremely suitable for special occasion. We have been there for several events for larger parties and they did very well.

    1. I always enjoy Il Fornaio (there's a location in Old Town Pasadena - it's Italian), and it can work well for small and large groups.

      1. Palate in Glendale is worth considering...

        1. I would second Palate Food + Wine in Glendale, Colori Kitchen downtown or 750 ML is Pasadena.