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Sep 5, 2008 07:25 PM

Brooklyn College Area

Any tips for near the campus?

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  1. The Cornbread Cafe on Flatbush near Farragut/Glenwood has been getting a lot of favorable neighborhood buzz lately.

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    1. re: Budino

      I wasn't crazy about this place when they were in Park Slope.
      Are there any good West Indian or South Asian places near B.C.?

    2. Are there any good places on Glenwood?

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      1. re: Barry Strugatz

        For West Indian try International Paradise Restaurant on the corner of Glenwood and Flatbush. Across the street is Fisherman Cove and they are decent as well. A bit further down on Flatbush is De Islands, some inexpensive specials for those on a budget.

        The Chicken place on Campus road and Ave H is good and the price is right. I love the hot sauce.

        1. re: JohnnyCT

          Thanks. Is Fisherman Cove a branch of the place by the Newkirk subway station?

          1. re: Barry Strugatz

            Yes it is.

            They don't have a lot of space, I've seen the line out the door a number of times.

          2. re: JohnnyCT

            International Paradise is very good. I go there for lunch (eat in or takeout) on just about all my teaching days at Brooklyn College. I don't like the chicken place on Campus Road, though; I find the chicken there overcooked, dry, and tasteless.

        2. what about the Haitian place, Rocher d' Horeb? Ive been wanting to visit

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          1. re: jen kalb

            That Haitian place is awesome - it has since been renamed Le Banquet, but same chef, allegedly. Amazing pork grillote, goat, and oxtails. And whole fried fish. Outstanding place. Surprised there isn't more talk of it on these boards.