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Sep 5, 2008 06:49 PM

Tomatoes for canning at JTM

I'm planning on doing my first tomato canning experiment this weekend but was wondering which stalls has the best tomatoes for doing so.


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  1. I saw some San Marzano italian tomatoes at the stand just beside Premiere Moisson - in front of the one that sells all sorts of peppers. I don't know if they're actually allowed to call them that if they're just grown from the seeds, and in in the actual area of San Marzano (soil, climate etc. affecting taste, acidity/sweetness) - BUT I would surely give them a try.

    1. Avoid the TSO's (Tomato Shaped Objects) at the tent south of Premiere Moisson. I believe the place is called the Maitre Potagiere. I had once made the mistake of purchasing their low cost tastless product, and had dumped my canning and restarted with product from the Birri Bros (across from the Premiere Moisson.

      I have been buying from the Birri Bros for the past years and have always been very pleased with the results. Their tomatoes may be a bit more expensive, but when you are buying a tomato for canning that tastes as good raw, then you know that you will have good canned product.

      Try for yourself. Taste a Birri tomato and taste a Maitre Potagiere tomato, and tell me which you prefer.

      BTW these are Roma type Tomatoes. San Marzano are Roma's from San Marzano Italy. Unfortunately, a US packer is labeling their Roma's as San Marzano brand.

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        Hi, I left about an hour before your post to buy my tomatoes. I did buy them near Première moisson. I think the place is called Mont Rouge if I'm not mistaken. Had I known that Birri sells tomatoes in large quantities, I would have went there as I've always been more then satisfied with their vegetables. Well, I'll see how it goes with the other tomatoes and remember Birri for next year.

        1. re: Simon Patrice

          Birri didn't have much in the way of San Marzano tomatoes this afternoon when I was there - I think it's still a wee bit early for them.

          1. re: cherylmtl

            You have to ask. They presell a lot of their tomatoes, so, they store them in the fenced in storage rooms next to the store. True, they usually have them in the stall, but this year they are not out in the open.

            Bruno says he should have stock through to the end of the month.

            Bought a bushel last week at $20 (up $2 from last year). They were good, but suggest getting them later in the season, if you can wait.

            They should be good this week, or the week following.

            Still amazed at how much product Mont Rouge pushes. I still do not understand why anyone will go back. And what is with the wilting basil in the bushels?