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Sep 5, 2008 06:35 PM

Harold Square..Londonderry NH ..Fantastic!

Too lazy to cook dinner tonight we stopped in and are SO glad we did. I ordered the salmon with pesto topping, broccoli and spinach risotto. It was absolutely fantastic, center cut piece of fresh fish, veg perfectly cooked, risotto ...creamy cheesy and awesome!! I highly recommend it if you are in the area. DC had the pot roast which was served in a bowl with the braising liquid, potatoes and carrots and he also had a bowl of fagoli (sp?) soup which he said was tasty too. Both of us had salads....and again the high quality of the ingredients is clear. The fish was $14.95 and worth every penny ..Pot roast $9.95 and was on the special 3 course meal menu. I think they only run these specials Friday/Sat but I am not sure. Not a whole bunch of atmosphere but the chef/owner sure knows his stuff. I was told that having 3 young children and wanting to see them grow up he got out of the rat race and opened this place and that's a good reason to go too!!
Oh nearly forgot that in part they have Ny style Pizza, an extensive pasta and sauce menu and the best pastrami sandwich I have eaten in NE.

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  1. Thanks tuna, I'm always looking for a new place between Manch and Andover off rt. 93 - any great salads?

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      They have a house, caesar, greek and chefs. Very fresh and great dressings ...I really love the herb balsamic.