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Louie and Ernie's Pizzeria

I managed to trek to Louie and Ernie's after an Arthur Avenue trip this week.

We ordered one pie. Half regular and half white. The white was amazingly delicious and so completely covered in creamy ricotta that the slightest twist might have called a mud (ricotta?) slide. Awesome. The regular half was delicious and has taken the place of San Marco as my idea of the ideal NYC slice of pizza (ignoring of course the godly work of ei. Dom, etc. I mean a standard NY stereotypical slice done right.)

Any similar experiences?

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  1. Absolutely.

    I made a pilgrimage this past spring, from Queens - over an hour by subway - and wasn't disappointed. I preferred the regular slice to the white, which was way too heavy for me. That said, it was good, and, along with their fried calzone, is apparently their stock-in-trade. Liked everything about the place; the vibe, the service, how off-the-beaten-path it is.

    Louie and Ernie's gets some respect on these boards from faithful die-hards, no doubt. But, I can't help but feel that if it were in Brooklyn or Manhattan, it would get much more attention. Much deserved as well.

    1. Exactly...'a standard NY stereotypical slice done right'...my favorite NY slice anywhere. The white pie is certainly a specialty of theirs. The ricotta is from a deli down the street as is the sausage. A white pie and a sausage/onion pie are the standards whenever I go with my family...yumm
      And beside how good their food is, the restaraunt is owned by one of the nicest families in NY. The husband started working there when Ernie was still alive and running the place and he managed to take over the business while maintaining the high quality that has been there since I have been going in the early '80's. You may even get a chance to talk to their adorable little girl who sometimes helps around the tables. It is great to see a small family owned business in action.
      And really, the pies are that perfect NY pizza style and they have not changed for over 20 years. Worth a trip from anywhere in the metro area.

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        You can't be any more true about the owners and I also preferred the regular slice. They were so nice. We were a bit lost getting there from Arthur Avenue and in the middle of operating a business they directed us on the phone for about 10-15 minutes till we were outside while switching between people on the phone so others could work.

      2. totally agree. the husband and i love this place for it's neighborhood feel, friendly service and great food. we love their regular slice. thin crust with a nice bit of char, tasty sauce, not too much mozz and just the right amount of oregano. i've had their white slice and while delicious, is just too much cheese for me. and, their eggplant & broccoli rabe calzones are tdf.

        1. Sausage Pie, the best there is! I havent been there is about 6 months will be going there this week after reading this.

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            The white is sublime. Nice people. Far away from Park Slope and Manhattan = few chowhound crowds but the food, as one poster pointed out, would certainly draw significant action and comment were it not in the Bronx. Too bad for some. Great for others. Enjoy! Don't pass up the sausage, it's true, some of the most flavorful sausage I know...but somehow it combines with the actual sausage pizza in a weird way at times. Anyone have this experience?

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              After reading this, I'm on my why now before my erands!

            2. I live a couple of miles from Louie and Ernies, yes we have those in the outer boroughs and I have agree with everything said about it. I like it as much as if not better than diFara's really (not as salty in fact) but no attitudes, they bring your pie or slices to your table and you can watch the ball game on the old tv in the corner. It's a great pizza shop in every way. The homemade sausage is amazing. A real neighborhood NYC pizza experience without any pretense, just super great "apiz" and oh, yes they even have the classic manhattan special espresso soda.

              Manhattanites, if you havn't been go. It's worth the shlep.

              1. Made a return trip on the way home from Connecticut this evening, and had a chance to try the deep fried calzone w/ prosciutto bits and ricotta. Outstanding. The ricotta was creamy, gooey and fresh, and was flecked with pepper to give the whole thing a nice kick. The exterior was crispy without forcing the issue, and not too greasy either. My wife's broccoli rabe calzone was very good as well, made with mozzarella and plenty of the green stuff. Bitter, cheesy and loaded with garlic. Another winner. Had a regular slice for good measure. Even though I'm not a chewy-crust sort of guy, I'd rate this slice right up there with NYC's best. I was noticing, this time, that the tomato sauce really sets it far apart from most. Not the same old stuff; this sauce has more dimension to it, with a much deeper, fuller flavor. Shared some of my wife's Manhattan Special Expresso Soda, which sufficed to give me the caffeinated energy to re-post on this thread.

                Anyone who pines away for the lack, these days, of old school family run pizza joints should make a beeline to Louie and Ernie's. It's a warmhearted, reasonably priced, down-to-earth pizzeria that gets it right. An endangered species.

                While you're at it, sample some creamed ices from Teresa's next door. I really dug the ice cream filled cannoli. The soft cream played off nicely against the crunchy exterior. The ice cream is not overly sweet either, which sits especially well after downing part of a Manhattan Special.


                1. I finally made my pilgrimage to this local favorite yesterday and posted my simple review there, but I felt compelled to do so here as well after reading the entire thread and the comments left by others about the owners. I agree completely. They are very friendly people who happen to put out excellent food...not just pizza.

                  Everything said about the owners is spot on correct. Upon entering the pizzeria around 2:00 PM, the place was half full, so seating was not a problem. I mentioned to the owner it was my first time and asked what his recommendation was. I also mentioned that I would be taking a Pepperoni Pizza home so I wanted something other than that. He told me the Sausage Pizza was his Specialty and the most requested pie as well. I ordered the Sausage and also a White as well. Both were excellent, but between my nephew, his girl and me...we could not finish both pies. The female worker gladly wrapped the unfinished pizza with a smile.

                  Upon picking up the leftover pizza and the take-out Pepperoni, I asked the owner if he was going to inquire how far I had traveled to have his pizza....he said he was curious and I told him I was from just over the GWB in Bergen County New Jersey. He then asked how I liked the pizza and I told him I had genuinely enjoyed it just as much as my first times at both Sally's and Frank Pepe....and further added as great as they both were, unfortunately they both did not travel well. To my surprise, rather than tout how great his pie was, instead he was very humble and said his did not either. I find that to be very interesting and a testament to tremendous character. We small talked some more and I thought to myself...not only did I wish this pizzeria was on my side of the bridge, but this is the type of guy i would want as a friend.

                  He was wrong about one thing though....his pie actually does travel well. because upon reheating later last evening...it was fantastic.

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                    I happy to sea other's are enjoying Louis and Ernie's as much as I do. This spot really deserve the respect the above posts give to my favorite NYC sytle pizza.
                    I always think my judgment of L&E's is a bit slanted b/c I grew up eating at this place. I remember when Ernie and his wife owned the place. Anyhow I am glad to see my history has not been in the way of my tastebuds.

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                      L&E's is one of the most amazing pizza shops i could imagine. it's perfect. a nyc treasure. the white and sausage are divine. it's truly a mecca for any hardcore pizza fan.

                      i am greatful i work on tremont sometimes and get to experience it. how often do you fell like that about a place? plus having TERESA'S next door for dessert makes for one killer combo.

                      i always think anyone who drives by here on I-95 w/o stopping is really missing out.

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                        where are they located can you give me there address thanks

                        1. re: howster

                          Louie & Ernie's

                          Outer Boroughs - 1300 Crosby Ave, Bronx, NY 10461, USA - Pelham Bay

                          (718) 829-6230

                          Type of place: restaurant
                          Cuisine: Italian - pizza

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                            I am dreaming of a sausage and onion pie with a slice a white to wash it down. Yummm

                  2. I grew up on Bradford ave (about 3 blocks north of Louie and Ernie's) throughout the 80's and 90's. That was the quality of pizza what I grew up on. After moving up north to Poughkeepsie I still travel to Pelham Bay for pizza. No pizza I've eaten can compare. Not even close. Many memories..