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Sep 5, 2008 06:06 PM

Salmon - Wild or Farm Raised - Pepsi or Coke?

if you were blindfolded and asked to choose which plate was wild salmon and which was the farm raised, how would you tell the difference? Please factor in the skill of the chef with his preparation and presentation.

Also, let's discuss sushi/sashimi serving quality/taste differences, as well,

I am sincerely interested in this debate and I have had both versions and can't remember anything outstanding between the two - I just love good salmon, raw and properly cooked.

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  1. This is easy for me.

    Wild salmon tastes like fish -- more "salmon-y" if you will -- and the flesh is firmer and more tight.

    Farm raised salmon almost tastes just like water, very bland, but takes well to heavy seasoning or marinades. The flesh is in many respects looser, or if you prefer, "creamier". The difference in texture can also be attributed to the fact that farm raised salmon is generally fattier.

    To me, the two are easily distinguishable. Not even close.

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      Easy for me too. There is really no comparison. But to each his own... I would never choose a farm raised over wild, but my wife prefers farm raised - she says the wild is to 'fishy'...

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      1. Generally stronger tasting for wild. I prefer it for cooking and prefer scottish (Chilean) for sushi/sashimi.

        1. I find that wild salmon, when cooked properly, has a sweeter and more flavorful taste.

          1. Fat content - farmed salmon almost always is a lot fattier.