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Sep 5, 2008 05:42 PM

ten restaurant and wine bar

It's in Mississauga .. out of the way, I know, but for the Mississaugans, have you tried it? It's one of's establishment of the month..
Menu looks good.

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  1. I live in Mississauga and have been to all of the "Hip Restaurants." With the exception of West 50's great beer selection, the restaurants are generally very mediocre with very little value for money. I checked the site, and Ten has changed its menu since the last time I had been there (admittedly, probably over a year ago), and some of the items look interesting, though overpriced and, given my other five or six experiences at ten, probably bad.

    I live right near Ten, so I wish it were a great place to eat, but unfortunately it isn't. It's more of a non-chain Milestone's. There's great Greek at Colossus, good pub food at Brogue & The Harp, good homestyle burgers at Crooked Cue, cajun fish at Hook's, cheap, fresh, and delicious Souvlaki Hut, but the three "upscale" restaurants in Port Credit (Breakwater, Lago Shore, and Ten) have failed to impress me. I've heard good things about Breakwater, but when I've been it was average. Lago Shore was expensive and mediocre. Ten is, well, not good. Maybe I should make a Port Credit thread...

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      Just to add, I saw a sign out front saying that they had some sort of prix fixe menu happening either before or after 8pm, 3 courses for... $24.99 maybe? I haven't tried it, but for that price it might be an all right deal if the food isn't as awful as it has been when I've eaten there.

      1. re: tjr

        We've been to Ten and were very disappointed. It was highly recommended by someone and I would NOT pass on the recommendation. Two of us had the prix fixe menu and they gave you about enough food to put in your eyeball ...LOL...and in general the food was not very good...and NOT worth the price.

        1. re: bobinken

          Okee dokee, point taken... pity for such a lakeshore location then.... :(

          1. re: jennjen18

            I visited Ten shortly after it opened. Sad to hear that it hasn't improved. You're right that give the great lakeshore location we don't have a really good upper end resto in Port Credit. Snug Harbour is a real shame as it has a wonderful water front view but bad food. Maybe one day.....