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I'm In Charge of the Christmas Party 08!

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Help! Department of Movie Studio (50 people) need a place, hopefully a small funky fun bistro with great food, where we can have MUSIC and fun, funky ambience (this is a hip group, not stuffy).... Los Feliz or Silverlake or Hollywood best.. or maybe WEHO.... not the valley.... I was thinking maybe a multicultural buffet or something fun....
I was thinking BLAIR's maybe? Please, if you have ideas, let 'em rip! I so appreicate this. Thanks chow hounders!

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  1. Try the Foundation Room at House of Blues, they do lots of private parties, and the atmosphere is as fun as you want to make it.

    1. I was in charge of my husbands yearly party and I found a few interesting places...Hotel Figueroa (downtown)has a really neat (kindof Morrocan) room downstairs they do parties at. Might be to big for your group but truly cool, funky and unique. There is a private rental place on Sunset for parties in Silverlake, and I think if you went on the web you could search it easily. Also, Tantra on Sunset or El Cid would fit fun/funky.