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Sep 5, 2008 05:07 PM

Dipping sauce for pigs in a blanket?

I know usually some type of mustard is in order...any other ideas?

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  1. Yup, yellow mustard or brown mustard or whole grain mustard or horseradish in mustard...

    Rememeber the scene in Forest Gump when Bubba described all the shrimp recipes, same concept as long as the word mustard appears. :-))

    1. Mustard, yes, very traditional. In the south we make cocktail sausages in a mixture of 1/2 grape jelly and 1/2 BBQ sauce heated in a crockpot. Sounds awful but it's really pretty tasty.

      1. i like honey mustard and ketchup for my pigs in the blanket. sometimes i mix a bit of sirracha into the ketchup for a bit of spicyness.

        1. for something a little different, try a mix of Hoisin Sauce, Mirin (found in the Asian Food section of most supermarkets), soy, sliced green onions and garlic. If you like spicy, add some Sriracha; if you'd like it slightly sweet, add some crushed pineapple.

          Or both

          1. Ya know, as much as I don't do parties where PIB appear...a sweet duck sauce ( see if Saucy Susan is on the grocer shelf) type of thing works really well.

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              I usually just mix ketchup and mustard and occasionally mayo. Srirachi or course if I want to boost the octane on it.