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Sep 5, 2008 03:51 PM

Breakfast with the 'Hawks

Anyone know of a place serving a nice breakfast where there will be some TV for watching the Seahawks's 10 AM game?

I went to the Ram up in Northgate last year, and they had some mediocre stuff going.
And I saw that Eastlake Bar & Grill does a weekend brunch, but again I feel I will be disappointed with the food.

What's a food-loving football fan to do?
(I really don't want to cook for a 10AM game...)

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  1. The Attic in Madison Park...several televisions, all showing sports. Good, basic breakfast menu. I love their biscuits but they could stand to improve their coffee.

    1. How about McCoy's Firehouse Tavern down in the Pioneer Square area? Great breakfasts and the right game ambiance!

      1. I went to the Pig and Whistle last week and noticed they have a nice big screen in the back. I bet they'll be showing the games there.

        1. The Rocksport in West Seattle shows the game on a huge screen and has a decent breakfast.