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Sep 5, 2008 03:20 PM

No. 7 - new in Fort Greene (where my 'hounds at!?)

From the NYTimes Fall Dining preview:

NO. 7 Tyler Kord, who worked at Perry St., will venture beyond seasonal American fare to add touches of Eastern Europe and Korea to his menu in this elegantly windowed setting with an Art Deco-style bar and an inviting garden: 7 Greene Avenue (Cumberland Street), Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Mid-September.

This is a great looking space--lovely lit bar, long room, warm rustic floors, and a patio out back. I stopped in there last night and met Tyler and Matt. The menu looks really interesting, very "global" and with seasonal ingredients. Looks to be a soft opening this weekend...

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  1. stopped in tonight for a few (too many) drinks and tried one of the apps at the bar. a special of pig head (bits, perhaps fried) over lemony artichoke hearts in a lovely buttery white wine broth. it was a very tasty dish tho' probably better for sharing -- I could only manage about 1/2 as it's pretty filling. I look forward to trying more here in the next weeks...

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      Um, despite the AMAZING highly suspect post from a first (and only) -time poster, I've now had a full meal there and wanted to report back.

      the same poached/smoked salmon dish as gfood had (below). a sizeable portion, poached in olive oil and served with a veggie latke and kale - which was really a cabbage, i think - and a dollop of calvados-enhanced creme fraiche as well as a ginger apple (I think?) sauce. It was a lovely dish for about $18 IIRC. I would definitely order it again.

      bread is served with a warm butter-based spread - it might be butter/white bean - as well as some pickles. generous portion for a freebie.

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        1. My wife and I tried it last night, and we enjoyed the meal.

          The restaurant is literally located right above a subway station, when one is exiting up the subway stairs, you turn left and you are immediately at the front entrance. The restaurant is beautifully designed, with a long bar up front facing communal tables, open kitchen in the middle, and table seating in the rear.

          We were there fairly early, the place was not crowded, and the service was attentive. By the time we left it was crowded; but I can't really judge the service when there are only three tables being served while I'm eating. I liked our server very much, very enthusiastic.

          The menu was relatively small, but had diverse appetizers; for entrees, a few fish dishes, a vegetarian dish, and a hangar steak. There seems to be a Korean influence on his menu (Hangar Steak w/ Kim Chi, for example)

          We started out with a pork appetizer which was served with fried soft boiled eggs. This was excellent. I then had a smoked salmon dish served over a scallion latke (waitress said was derived from a classic Jewish dish), and my wife had the cod. The main courses were excellent, the fish were beautifully prepared, truly delicious.

          The dessert menu looked interesting (vanilla pudding), but we didn't have dessert there, we headed over to the chocolate room.

          They aren't taking credit cards yet, and didn't mention that when we entered, which was annoying. This problem should be resolved in the next week, she said, she was apologetic.

          We really enjoyed this restaurant, we will be going back.

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