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Sep 5, 2008 03:19 PM

Burger and Martini in Denver?

Where would you go tonight for a great burger and perfectly made martini in Denver?

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  1. Not the same room..but the same building...burger at McCormicks, martini in the Cruise Room, or the Ship's Tavern at the Brown Palace.

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      Elway's in Cherry Creek will get you both at the same table.

      1. re: Pastajohn

        PJ- I'm interested in breathing life into this older thread.

        When I read the question my mind conjured up the image that the Martini wasn't so much the great drink but also indicative of the atmosphere. I thought of generations-old places where the bartenders wore vests, people read newspapers at the bar and the vibe was not "manufactured". I always will think of the Balboa Cafe in San Francisco as my quintessential burger and martini place.

        CityGrille is strong on the burger side but a little "sports bar" on the Martini side. Throw away glasses, etc..

        Avenue Grill meets most of the criteria but last time I was there (over 2 years ago) I left feeling they were uninspired. The food was either limp, salty, poorly presented or some combo of the above. Service appeared bored as well. Might be worth another try.

        Denver Chop House can pull this off fairly well ($12 burger).

        Some places do the dishes okay but are designed to attract the hip and peppy crowd (Brix (rip), Earl's, Corner Office, etc..) and you're more likely to see a pomagrante martini than the real thing. NOT the right atmosphere.

        ohhh SNAP.. I was about to type that "I wish Bistro Adde Brewster was still open cuz they fit the bill perfectly" when I remembered that Cherry Creek Grill (part of the Hillstone chain) nee Bandera) ) is a great place to do this combo. It's overpriced befitting its Cherry Creek location but the martini comes with trio of olives (red pepper, almond and hand stuffed blue cheese) . Good food too.

        Other ideas? There's got to be several others to add /improve the offerings.

        non-related: Will the person who popularized expensive "mini hamburgers" in fine dining restaurants step forward so I can beat you senseless? Talk about a trend that got tired a month after it started! Enough already!