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Sep 5, 2008 02:59 PM

Western PA recs?

I've been reading helpful posts on this board with ideas for our couple days in Pittsburgh later this month. Saturday we'll be driving down to check out Fallingwater, which I understand is in a very rural area. Sounded like a nice chance to see some PA countryside before flying back to Seattle. Any CH recommendations for a lunch spot en route or in the area down there? or any other points of interest for first-timers to this region?

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  1. Nemacolin Woodland Resort

    Chez Gerard in Hopwood

    The Back Porch in Spears

    Here are three places that are widely spaced, as you will see from a look at a map. I’m sure there are other satisfactory places over this wide an area, but these three are above just satisfactory. Since you’re not familiar with the area, this whole road trip will require some planning.

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      Just went to Back Porch on Thursday for our anniversary, it was good, but not worth driving to from Fallingwater. I've been wanting to try Chez Regard since dave mentioned it a while back, but still haven't had the chance to. Nemacolin is absolutely worth stopping at just to take a walk around even if you don't eat there.

      1. re: Rick

        Thanks to you both for the info. Nemacolin looks like a good option, both for the variety of things to see/do on the property and for the different dining options. Gives us a nice little loop to continue down from Fallingwater, then up back to Pittsburgh via Uniontown. I'll do my best to report back after we return.