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Sep 5, 2008 02:58 PM

Mastro's and La Dolce Vita

LA Chowhounds,

I will be staying at a fine hotel in Beverly Hills in several weeks and the concierge recommended these two options for high-end steak and upscale "old world"
Italian. I have read up on both places and they seem to be good options (fun atmosphere, great food, potential star spotting). I considered others in these categories: steak (Morton's Ruth's Chris, Cut, The Palm) Italian (Dan Tana's, Madeo).

Please advise if there are better options in the Beverly Hills area that should be considered........


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  1. don't know about La Dolce Vita, but you wont' be disappointed with Mastros. Best steakhouse in town IMHO. For italian, maybe look into Valentinos or All Angelos.

    1. Not sure how old you are, but unless you remember ration coupons and grew a Victory garden, I doubt that La Dolce Vita would be fun for you. The food is actually fine but Dan Tana's gets a much wider age range. If you're on the younger side, maybe Dominick's would be good, nice patio.

      1. Have never been to the Mastro's in Beverly Hills, but the Mastro's Steakhouse in Costa Mesa is superb, and I would assume the one in BH is up to the same standards. If you are a martini drinker, be sure to imbibe. Mastro's must serve the biggest martini in the world!

        1. Wolfgang's is worth looking at as well--essentially a reincarnation of Peter Luger's.

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            I like La Dolce Vita--yes it is "old school" and they do have some older patrons. But the chopped salad is amazing and so are the classic dishes like veal chop, osso bucco special on Thursday and the pastas are good. Dan Tana's has a hipper vibe, and I prefer the ambiance of BLT to Mastro's.

          2. Mastro's in Beverly Hills is terrific. Split a bone in rib eye with your dining partner and enjoy their scalloped potatoes and a damn fine martini. If your hotel is in walking distance...enjoy two damn fine martinis.