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Sep 5, 2008 02:15 PM

Quality Baltimore Burritos

I just got back from Boston after enjoying several delicious burritos from Anna's Taqueria. Anyone have any recommendations for Baltimore Burritos?

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  1. I'm more of a taco guy, but it is hard to go wrong around the Mexican/El Salvadorian area just north of fells point on Broadway. Carolines (the one on Gogh) is good, among others. There is also a new place on Charles and Madison in Mt Vernon and Elvis on Light Street in Federal Hill.

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    1. re: green_chili

      Elvis is ok, nothing great. After going to san fran recently, im srsly fiending on some Al Pastor burritos... I'd love to find a good one in baltimore

    2. Los Amigos in Hamilton is always a good time, and relatively cheap, but watch your drink refills, they aren't free.

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      1. re: cbingel

        Also Carolina's on south Broadway have great burritos and enchiladas ( I'm addicted to the cheese ones)

      2. El Salto, Brooklyn, MD, south of Balt

        1. Do NOT miss Taco Fiesta on Exeter in Harbor East. I'm a California transplant and this is waaaay authentic and absolutely outstanding. I'm a Gonzales, and I know my burritos....
          And for the al pastor fan...they have a BOMB roasted pork burrito - now go get one.

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          1. re: ladida

            Actually, I couldn't think of a worst place than Taco Fiesta. It would be nice if I was in college looking to eat cheap, bad food after getting hammered, but that is about it.

            1. re: thecheeseisblue

              Ooooh, bum rap from bluecheese ...Taco Fiesta is obviously not for your distinguished palate...but as we say in California "WHATever, dude..."

            2. Just had a nice one from Don Panchito's Mexican & Salvadoran Grill in Cockeysville last weekend.

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              1. re: placidothecat

                Taco Fiesta is just OK but I don't think much better than Baja Fresh or Chipotle. Burritos en Fuego in Fells is also OK---and they are very nice people, but nothing authentic about it. I love Mari Luna on Reisterstown Road. They have burritos but lots of other Mexican specialties and do a great job with them. Really excellent stuff. If you can make the drive and spend the cash, Oyamel in DC has tacos and burritos that are amazing, but it is a higher end kind of place.