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Sep 5, 2008 02:05 PM

Thai at Keele and Steeles

I don't have many 'good' lunch options around my office, so the prospect of a 'recommended' spot near-by is intriguing. A group of us went for Thai at 2150 Steele Ave. W at a place that has changed names a number of times, recently known as the Bamboo Hut. I think it's now called Thai Hut or something like that, but if you Google Bamboo Hut you'll get a bunch of hits.

Anyway, we made reservations (recommended for 4+) and were seated promptly. There was a line at the door, and those people waited a fair length of time. The service was pretty slow -- it was busy, but it was slow none-the-less. The menu offers many typical Thai dishes (spring rolls, pad thai, red and green curries, tom yum soup, mango salad)

I tried both the veggie and chicken fresh spring rolls, which were really tasty. They came with a typical sour sauce filled with crushed peanuts. A nice addition and the spring rolls were very fresh.

Our mains came at various times during our sitting, which sucks for those waiting to get their meal (or the too-polite among us). I tried the spicy basil chicken plate. When it finally arrived, I was impressed. The veggies were cooked just enough to still have a crunch and there wasn't an over load of sauce. The rice was standard fare, and good. The spice was good and the basil came through in waves with the tender chicken. For the tempo of the place (busy lunch crowd) the quality of food that came out was impressive. The timing was off, which happens.

With a mineral water the meal cost was $15 with taxes and tip. Not too shabby for the quality. Whether the wait was worth it is up for debate. My boss would likely vote no.

I don't think I'll return for a sit-down meal at lunch -- I just can't take 2 hours off work! I will eat the food again opting for pick-up on the next go around. The peanut dish looked pretty tempting, as did the black-bean chicken plate.

Happy eating.

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  1. Went for dinner on Friday night and loved the food. It tastes very authentic (I am not from Thailand and never been there but the owners are from there). We ordered a beef pad thai, seafood pad thai, red shrimp curry, ginger chicken, mango salad, fresh spring rolls, fried spring rolls and coconut rice.

    I loved the mains except for the ginger chicken. It was very gingery but didn't have other flavours to balance it out. Love the coconut rice!! We were too stuffed to get dessert. Loved the mango salad, really good flavours. We wanted our pad thais spicy and boy were they spicy! Love that! The red shrimp curry with the coconut rice was excellent. The shrimp in the curries and the pad thai were huge.

    I really love Real Thailand but this will be my other choice for good pad thai as it was made with real tamarind and thai food in general.