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Sep 5, 2008 01:44 PM

Hong Kong Supermarket Going Down?

Went by the Hong Kong Supermarket on Colima Road in Rowland Heights and found it was closed. Furthermore, an informant mentioned to me a few weeks ago that the Hong Kong Supermarket in West Covina was in the process of closing. Both markets anchor their respective shopping centers, and I think both centers are named Hong Kong Plaza. Given that Hong Kong Supermarket had seemingly successfully expanded to the east coast, something which 99 Ranch has yet to do, I find this quite surprising. Anybody have any insight?

Also noted that at the Rowland Heights Hong Kong Plaza, three of the anchor restaurant locations are vacant including those occupied at one time by places such as Tasty Garden, Hainan Chicken and Chicken Garden. Also one significant change inside the bowling alley portion of the shopping center is that Manie's, a well regarded Sichuan restaurant has been replaced by another Sichuan style restaurant called Happiness Restaurant.

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  1. Perhaps the target market (no pun intended) is saturated?

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      Are you not a believer in "Chinafest Destiny"?


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        Shh. Don't let everyone else know about it. Otherwise they'll find out that the Chinese government will be moving to Honolulu in order to be "more centrally located." :-)

    2. No great loss, IMHO. Both of the Hong Kong markets were dirty, poorly stocked, and no big deal. There's a 99 Ranch Market and three good Korean markets within just a couple of miles of the Rowland Heights location, and a Seafood City (Filipino) Market not far from the West Covina one, so Asian groceries can still be found within reasonable driving range

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        From what I've heard they're going to turn it into a Korean supermarket.

        I grew up in Walnut but live in Huntington Beach now and to be completely honest, Rowland Heights is so crowded it's not even funny. Trying to drive down Colima, Fullerton, Gale and Nogales at nights or on the weekends is ridiculous. Every time I go back to visit my folks I see another Chinese plaza opening up.

      2. I heard about HK market a while back, but since I never liked the market it wasn't that big of a loss. There's a newer market (SF) right across the street, and for selection and quality H Market in Diamond Bar had them all beat.

        Sorry to hear about Marnie though. I used to like it a lot but didn't have a chance to go for the last 1/2 year. Does Happiness Restaurant have the same menu at all?

        Only restaurant we go to at that plaza is Shau May - for cheap and homestyle takeouts when I am too busy to cook or eat out properly.