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Sep 5, 2008 12:59 PM

seafood restaurant suggestions?

My friend is in the mood for seafood tonight. Any suggestions for a downtown spot? Looking for something somewhat affordable, with a nice atmosphere. Thanks.

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  1. My first choice would be Starfish, but Rodney's might be a bit less expensive. Neither has terribly extensive non-oyster menus, but what I've had has always been great.

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      Second Starfish! Perfectly cooked fish every time! Seafood appertizers such as grilled scallops, crabmeat salad, mussels...etc all expertly executed. Fish mains are in the $24-28 range. Not bad for a lot of wild/organic products!

    2. Oyster Boy is quite affordable. If you don't mind paying $32 for a main course, run to Vertical. Vertical is the best cooked seafood restaurant in the GTA.

      1. Starfish! I thought their prices were decent.