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Sep 5, 2008 11:31 AM

El Guapo in Denton

I will visit Denton soon-someone here in N. England recommended this place for Tex-Mex. Has anyone been there? Comments?

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  1. It was a Mercado Jaurez at one time. It's okay but there is better in Denton

    Off the beaten track off 380 as you are coming into town from the East is Mazatlan in front of a bowling alley. I have only been there a couple of times over the years but it was always good.

    There is also a place that I cannot remember the name of that south of El Guapo on the next street further East next to a cemetery head stone place. I have eaten there a handful of times. It's quite authentic aka very little English and very good for Denton :-)

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      I have foudn that the link below is a good source for maps in Denton.

      it is under the community interests tab

      Irodguy this will give you the name of that elusive restaurant you are mentioning. I would have to agree with irod though there are better places that you can seek out mainly on the map, but there is a good taqueria in a laundromat on McKinney...captive audience that is genious! There is also a little hut that sells some great Mexican fare on within the same block of McKinney. That map should help you out immensely.

      For a great German Brat plate head to Metzlers BBQ on Londonderry (Teasley just south of 35). They have a great beer selection and the brats are from Fischer's Meat market in Muenster, TX a very small German community. It is by far the best brats I have had in the metroplex and I have had them all!

      Great thai is at Andaman Thai....the menu alone makes me crave it more! Grnated it is not just the best Thai you have had but for Denton it exceeds expectations

      The Greenhouse restaurant is great for good all around fare...anything from soups, salads, burgers to really good fish dishes. I have never been disappointed.


      For good classic bar food and close to the UNT campus Cool Beans never fails either. I am from back in the days when a pitcher of beer was $2....could still be in a college town....burgers were great and fries with queso is killer.

      I have heard many a Dentonites/Dentonians say that El Matador (Carroll @ University) was great for Tex-Mex. It has been there for years so I imagine they are correct. I haven't tried it but from many a friends it is good.

      Art Six (Bryan @ Scripture) is a good hangout bar for the musicians and art major from UNT. I don't drink coffee but for that close to campus vibe and feel this is the best place for a cup of joe.

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        Hum I have been to Metlzers several times but never had sausage. I will try it next time.

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          Stopped by Art Six and Andaman this past Friday.

          Andaman is the hidden gem of the Denton dining scene. They have it looked like the husband and wife team owners and cooks in the kitchen on my visit. This made me very excited as most places have someone clueless to the cuisine cooking in the kitchen. The service was something of a complexity as the servers were very slow when the place has 3 tables full. Recommendations from the waiter was like pulling teeth (our waiter at least) I gave him four dishes I was thinking of and I basically guided him to my dish shouldn't it be the other way around? The only thing I was positive was that I asked for spicy...not 4 or 5 peppers but to make it as spicy as possible. The waiter actually listened I was soon a mess of mucus from the nasal clearing. It has been a very long time since I have had spicy like that since the jalapeno ban.

          Our meals were both excellent and for Denton this was damn good food. My wife had the Mango Fried Trout. The trout at first was a bit tough to cut into but further into the piece and once the pan sauce that accompanied set in it was wonderful. The rice that accompanied was in a conical pyramid and the fish was dressed with some nice not too ripe pieces of mango...they had a bit of texture not mush. My dish was the Nam Prik Ong (Northern Thai Dip). This dish only comes in minced chicken. Now when I ordered my dish I was specific about having it hot (I even asked for extra spice (came in a basket of three (soy, siracha, and a dry chili mixture, more than likely dried Thai chilies))). My dish was probably a 7 on the heat scaled out of 5 chilies. It was hot but the dish still had flavor to it that you could taste. This was a mark of a great Thai chef. This dish was truly one of the best Thai dishes I have ever had and I have had some great ones at Jasmine Thai in Plano.

          The other thing I noticed about this place is the customers (no they weren't weird) but they are all extremely fast eaters. On a Friday night the places had a continuous flow of people but was far from being full I would say it had 5 to 6 tables filled at their peak while we were there. Three of the tables had arrived after us and even on was about 15 minutes after we sat down all finished before us and left. There we two others who finished and left before we tabbed out. I was very perplexed as to why no one was sticking around. It might have been the annoying piano music that was actually a bit frantic rather than soothing.

          All in all I would highly recommend this place to anyone in Denton and even anyone in Denton is well worth the drive even from Lewisville (plus how could you resist that cool drive down FM1380 from Lewisville avoiding all that traffic on 35)

          As for Art Six Coffee....this place was happening. We talked a bit with one of the owners. He told us the run down of the menu and even suggested some specialty drinks. My wife got the "Better Than Sex" coffee. A shot of espresso, whipped cream, very good dark chocolate, and I believe caramel. My wife loved this and I had a sip and me not being a coffee drinker, I was pleased too. I got a iced drink that I forget the clever name but it was Italian soda (Pellegrino) with banana syrup, orange syrup, and another syrup or two. Mine came out with too much banana and I didn't care for it but drudged through it. As far as vibe and atmosphere this is one of the best coffee houses I have been in. Unfortunately it opened in a remodeled house on Scripture a few semesters after I graduated in 02. I really liked the college vibe it has and the relaxed feel it had. On the night we went it was an open mic night for the UNT master readers/literary club. It was packed with a crowd and I have rarely seen a place that can house a small group of about 30 people. This place felt and looked like one of those coffeehouses you see on Rachel Ray or a travel show; packed with great coffee, good vibe and great place to relax.

      2. if you want good tex-mex, el guapo is ok. i prefer mazatlan on 380 though. and if you want really good food, I recommend the barbacoa tacos at Taco Lady, off mckinney st. get them with everything (cilantro, shredded cabbage, onions) and put their salsa verde on top. Better than el guapo or mazlatan any day and very well priced!