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Tea for Two Cedarhurst

I had dinner with the family at Tea for Two in Cedarhurst. They had a sign on the door and a note attached to every menu saying how this is a soft opening, and to please be patient with them.
Smart move putting that on the menu, but I"m still not sure i'd go back.
We were a table of 8. they brought 6 rolls to the table. Huh? We had to ask a couple of times for more rolls.

It took a LONG time for the server to come take our order and then a long time for the food to come out. The food was pretty good. Appetizer portions VERY small.. Our food was not warm enough, too salty and rather small portions for the prices. (Pescado isn't cheaper but their portions are bigger.)

The decor was beautiful.

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    1. re: shanirum

      Does the 5T really need another dairy place?

    2. We ate there recently. High prices, terrible service and the food was not great. Save your money.
      sushi is terrible and 2-3 x higher price then other restaurants
      they forgot 2 of our items and took 45 min to bring out an orger of motzarella sticks.

      1. The food is mediocre at best. The service is HORRENDOUS! You should not have main course dishes brought to your table 50 minutes apart, and then not cooked properly or even what you ordered. If you still want to go experience this culinary disaster i suggest that you hurry because I have a feeling they will not be in business very long. And I for one will not miss them!

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        1. re: jrub123

          tea for 2 in brooklyn has closed-perhaps they will follow

        2. Meanwhile, T Fusion (Tea for Two's meat counterpart) looks like it's getting ready to open in the old Zomick's location.

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          1. re: absmiller

            FYI: That "Fusion"-called restaurant in Cedarhurst has nothing to do with T Fusion.

          2. Passed by today and saw that they had a "store for rent" sign. Don't know when it closed. I wonder what will take its place, nice location and nice size property.

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            1. re: MartyB

              That space is bad luck. Has any restaurant had success there?

              1. re: justjoshing

                Opening a high priced dairy waiter service restaurant in the Five Towns was a terrible idea. There were cheaper alternatives (Central Perk, Ruthie's, etc) available before Tea for Two opened. It's been mentioned before on this board, but I will mention it again. Smokey Joe's would do well in the Five Towns. IMO, it is superior to Carlos and Gabby's and King David has greatly declined since its heyday. The problem with having expensive dining in the Five Towns is that a typical family will not spend the money and there is not a large business lunch crowd population available. Smokey Joe's would appeal to the student lunch crowd. They would probably do well on Shabbos specials as well.

                1. re: havdalahclub

                  I personally would like Kosher Delight. Enough of the waiter based establishments. Give me a good, inexpensive, fast food establishment. Kosher Delight has a large variety of food choices; question is if there are enough customers to support such a venue.

                  Just look at the non-kosher world and the populariy of McDonalds and Burger King.

                  1. re: MartyB

                    I don't think that KD would open in the Five Towns. At least one of the owners lives in the Five Towns. If he had planned on opening in the Five Towns, I assume that he would have done so a while back since he is familiar with the area.

                    1. re: MartyB

                      1) Kosher Delight isn't "good", per se. Try making a place that doesn't smell all the time, and we'll start to talk.

                      2) The popularity of McD's and BK is also in the fact that you can get a meal for under $5 per person. You can't do that at a KD, which is, in fact, not that far off of the prices at the various sit down places.

                      1. re: masteraleph

                        Restaurant owners sometimes blame consumers for their not doing well.
                        They should do their market research properly before opening a restaurant. Unsuccessful restaurant openings could be avoided. One example of not doing enough market research that I could think of is EJ's Pizza in West Hempstead (Long Island, NY). There already was an existing kosher pizza place (Hunki's) in West Hempstead. EJ's would have probably better off opening a meat fast food type of place (like Burger Nosh or Yossi's Grill). There is not a large enough kosher eating population in West Hempstead to support two kosher pizza places.

                        1. re: havdalahclub

                          that would be true if it werent for the fact that people just dont like hunkis for many reasons

                          ejs did apparently look into the constituency enough to know what they need to do in order to bring in the business

                          their two all you can eat nights are totally packed for hours, thursday nights are packed for all the reasons that pizza placeas in general are big on thursdays, monday night they do pretty significant take out bc of their monday takeout specials, thats 4 out of 6 days,

                          id be suprised if anyone said they werent doing decent business

                          i do agree that a new meat place would do decently, but only if they approached things based on the needs of the community, which doesnt seem to be the case at all when there are new openings on the island

                          1. re: shoelace

                            I have heard that they aren't doing well in terms of outside catering jobs. Hunki's is doing significantly more catering than EJ's. Richie from Hunki's owns his own building and does not have to pay rent. In addition, Richie does meat catering through Wing Wan (he is a minority owner). EJ's is probably not doing that well because of their high overhead and the fact that they are not doing much outside catering. They are also charging a very cheap price for some of their specials, which means that they have a low profit margin on these specials. II have nothing personal against EJ's. The staff is very nice. I just think that they could do a lot better if they became a fast food meat place. They could do a good Friday takeout business if they converted to a meat restaurant because I & D Glatt's takeout is not that amazing.

                        2. re: masteraleph

                          What I like about KD is the variety of choices in a fast food atmosphere. It is the kind of place that you go to and then decide if you want Chinese, burgers, deli, fried chicken, steak etc... In stead of having to ask your dinner party what they want and have to decide a common place to go. A lot of times when I go with my daughter I would buy from Burger Bar and her from Subways and we would eat in front of the stores. This could only be done because the two stores are next to one another.

                          A KD at the former Tea for Two location would cannibalize from Wok Tov, Burger Bar, Subways and King David, with a reach out to Yossi's Grill and possibly even from Carlos and Gabby as well. It would be a popular spot for the HAFTR lunch crowd as well as the late night yeshiva boys crowd as well.

                          1. re: MartyB

                            You know what they say: " 'One size fits all' really means 'one size fits none.' "

                            1. re: MartyB

                              I think that the Five Towns is not quite their population wise to support KD which needs alot of volume. This is particulary true during lunch. My sense is that the 5towns is over resturaunted for the time being. Aside from BBQ and Thai I see kosher resturaunt concept we don't have. To open another say pizza place or deli in a tough enviroment does not seem to make sense.

                              1. re: mrmoose

                                A fleishig kosher restaurant was tried in West Hempstead a few years ago - SubTown. it was a huge flop. As is, Wing Wan is fleishig and can hardly be said to be overly busy.
                                There is also one more impediment to anyone opening a food establishment in West Hempstead - the local Rabbis do not allow it except in limited cases.

                                1. re: sloanesq

                                  subtown was open for about 10 minutes and it can hardly be said that they made an effort to cater to the community, in order for a subshop to survive, u need a major hs.college aged community, which is why subway works on central and may work on jewel
                                  to cater to a family community, which is what wh is, youd need a place like what pninat hamizrach was, man i miss that place

                                  1. re: sloanesq

                                    Wing Wan does not need a large sit down crowd. They do plenty of takeout and outside catering.

                                    Subtown was run by an individual, who had limited restaurant experience. A fast food place in West Hempstead would do much better than a sit down restaurant or sandwich shop. Since Subtown closed, at least 100 new families have moved into West Hempstead. People could also have children's' birthday parties at a fast food establishment. West Hempstead and the neighboring communities would support a well run food establishment with good quality food. Wing Wan is not a good example to use because it is not in the same league as a good quality Chinese restaurant like Chosen.

                                    1. re: moonlightgraham

                                      Wing wan had the best kosher chinese food before it moved to it''s Friendys location.

                                      1. re: berel

                                        I do like the fact that Wing Wan has an all you can eat on Sunday night. Traditions, as an example, has theirs on Monday nght, which is not the night of the week, or any weekday night, that I need an all you can eat buffet.

                                        Last time that I went, my daughter and son-in-law said their sushi was one of the best that they have eaten.

                    2. Tea for Two also closed their dairy restaurant and their takeout cafe in Brooklyn. Someone mentioned that the restaurant in South Beach changed names, maybe it's a different owner as well? I think they are trying to focus on their meat spot in Brooklyn...

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                      1. re: cheesecake17

                        So strange, whenever I went to the Brooklyn one (on Kings Highway & E4th) it was always crowded (granted it was a small place) with excellent food. I assume it was this reason why they chose to expand. I can see the branch locations not working for one reason or another but for the Brooklyn one to fail is strange.


                        1. re: MartyB

                          We used to go to the Brooklyn location often and the food was good, but it was expensive. I heard their lease was up and the rent went wayyy up, so they decided to give up the space. A new restaurant is there now, same decor, similar food, called Tuscany.