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Sep 5, 2008 11:21 AM

DFW tuesday happy hour?

Looking for good deals on good food and drinks, preferably a place with a respectable tap selection.

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  1. Cafe Rembrandt always advertises a 1/2 off food night on Tuesday. I've personally never been there (but it's on my list). If you go during Happy Hour, I think you get a $1 off beers as well.

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      I dig it. Never heard of it but Rembrandt sounds Dutch, which at least gets close to Belgium, which means good beer.

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          Also wanna let you know, Pegasus News can break down happy hour specials by day/location.

      1. re: Webra1

        I love Rembrandt. The space is great and the beer selection is fantastic. The food is ok, but I have to admit I mostly eat the small bar selection. I've never had an entree.