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Sep 5, 2008 11:18 AM

Mexican in Waltham area

Anyone have a suggestion for Mexican food in the Metrowest area? Wondering if any of the waltham places are worth a try.

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  1. Use the "search this board" function and you should find lots of discussion of the Waltham Mexican restaurants. My own experinece is at Taqueria Mexico, on Charles Street, and I love it. The menu is pretty extensive, the food is delicious, and the staff is so friendly and pleasant.

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    1. re: Allstonian

      I like Taqueria Mexico a lot, too. I actually like it more now than when I first started going there (cleaner, more consistently good food, friendly service, etc.).

      If you are looking at food over atmosphere, also consider Taqueria El Amigo. Prices are dirt cheap and the food is excellent, IMO.

    2. I also have been to Taqueria Mexico in Waltham several times. The food was very fresh and delicious. Their prices are also very cheap. I would definately return to Taqueria Mexico in Waltham.

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      1. re: buffet king

        I'm a big TM fan. Fun to sit outside on nice nights.
        I'm also impressed with Ixtapa in east Lexington.

      2. I adore Taqueria El Amigo, even though it's a dumpy little storefront and only serves soft drinks (Mexican sodas including cane-sweetened Coke, decent licuados and horchata). Fabulous tacos especiales (cabeza, i.e, beef cheek, is terrific), menudo, and chiles rellenos, My favorite taqueria, and my second favorite Mexican overall (Angela's in Eastie is #1).

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        1. re: MC Slim JB

          Not only do they not serve alcoholic drinks, but I am guessing they could be evangelists and never plan to based on flyers in the restaurant (in Spanish) offering religious oriented treatment for alcoholism. There is, though, a dive-ish bar next door.

          They offer agua fresca de jamaica in addition to licuados (blended drinks), for the latter check if they have guanabana for something slightly different, the former could be a bit stronger and less sweet for me but ask for a lime slice or two. The cabeza isn't heavily seasoned, it tends to rely on a beefy taste and a bit more fat (all good to me), carne asada (of the chopped variety) if you want a bit more seasoning.

          1. re: itaunas

            only guy in the place not speaking spanish. check
            telenovas on the t.v. check
            hardworking couple (husband and wife?) working the place. check
            solid, basic mexican food for short money? check
            please frequent this place. we all want it to do well.