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Favorite use for lemon curd?

I have a pint of lemon curd, and am looking for something fun to do with it besides just eating it with toast. Any great ideas?


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  1. I make a strawberry shortcake with macerated strawberries on homemade biscuits topped with whipped cream into which I've stirred an equal amount of lemon curd. Heavenly.

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      I've done the same but stirred in the lemon curd with the macerated strawberries... I think your version is much more elegant...

      Since you already have the lemon curd, it will save you a step. But oh boy these are yum:
      (scroll down on the page for the recipe)

      1. Blueberries and lemon curd go great together, so if you can still find blueberries, make a parfait.

        Made a plain jelly roll filled with lemon curd, sprinkled withconfectioner's sugar, served with a blueberry sauce. It was February, so we used frozen berries cooked with a little sugar, then cooled. It was a perfect match.

        1. Lemon Curd tart? great filling for crepes; best maybe just eaten with a spoon!

          1. Eat it with a spoon.
            With Greek yogurt if you want to fancy it up.

            1. I just saw an episode of, "Lidia's Italy," where she made tiramisu using limoncello, lemon juice, and lemon zest in place of the usual components like espresso, marsala and chocolate/cocoa. I could easily see using lemon curd with mascarpone and meringue for the filling, as well as a thin layer atop each layer of lady fingers...

              1. As a topping for gingerbread cake. I ended up eating almost 1/2 the cake by myself!

                1. I've had it as a topping on pavlovas, which was incredible - the cool tartness of the lemon curd + the sweetness of the pavlova...
                  would have been even better with some raspberries or other berries thrown on top as well

                  1. You can make a very easy lemon ice cream using lemon curd and double cream.

                    1. Use it to fill the layers in a coconut cake. Bliss!

                      1. New to Chowhound, but bit earlier wrote reply recommending The Village Steak House at The Village Shopping Center, Star City, AR. They also occasionally make & serve a Lemon Curd Mousse Pie. Don't know recipe (other than guy said it is good bit of work) but believe it is the best dessert I've ever eaten. Usually after a meal, especially heavy meal, I don't want anything heavy &/or sweet, but this Lemon Curd Mousse Pie is so light & refreshing, it is the perfect way to end a delicious dinner. It's such a "pick me up", just leaves the mouth sparkling. This is great use for lemon curd, if only knew the recipe.

                        1. French toast.

                          Stuff some thick Brioche toast with the lemon curd and make french toast.

                          1. I put lemon curd in a baked tart shell and then cover it with raspberries. A simple and delicious dessert.

                            1. I mix it with indian spices and use it as a marinade/ simmering sauce for indian dishes. Great on shrimp, fish, chicken even eggplant.
                              A varation of a Chicken Dopiaza recipe.

                              1. Putting lemon curd on top of softened cream cheese and serving with crackers is really good. Same goes for mango chutney or chili pepper jelly on cream cheese. There's something about the tartness of the lemon/spiciness of the chutne or chili pepper jelly and the cool creaminess of the cheese that make for a great contrast. If you want to get really decadent you can spoon any of the above over Brie and serve with crackers or crostini or even lavosh.

                                1. On top of split, fresh-baked almond poppyseed scones!! Mmmmm. Lemon curd also freezes well I've found.