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Sep 5, 2008 11:09 AM

Where can I get Salt Cod?

I'm relatively new to the city, does anyone know a good spot to get Salt Cod? Preferably on the cheap?


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  1. Try the Lobster Place in the Chelsea Market. Also Citarella or Fairway Market on the upper west side.

    1. I get mine at Fairway, usually. Sometimes I see it available at bodegas and korean groceries in areas with high hispanic/caribbean populations. For example, Associated on Amsterdam and 98th St, the Foodtown on 146 ST and Bway.

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      1. re: Ora

        Just any chain supermarket in any area with a Latino population. No need to go to a specialist food store.

        1. re: Wilfrid

          I agree with Wilfrid and Ora. I've seen it at Whole Foods, but I'm sure it's much cheaper in supermarkets

          1. re: Wilfrid

            Wilfrid, Ora agree. The Essex Street Market on the LES always has it.

        2. Bacalao, bacalla, salted cod. All the same thing. If you go into hispanic neighborhoods, yes, the salted fish is less expensive, but it usually ain't *cod*. Often times it will be pollock. In Manhattan, go to the the fish store on 9th Avenue opposite the Port Authority. * Sea Breeze. ... Call them first -->