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Sep 5, 2008 10:35 AM

Three Days In Spokane

Wife and I, along with two little kids, will be in town this Sunday through Tuesday. Any interesting recs to pass along? Growers markets? Thanks 'hounds.

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  1. Are you driving there? Spokane doesn't have much in the way of growers markets, but it might be fun to head out to Greenbluff and pick some apples and get some fresh-pressed cider. Definitely call before you head out since the individual farms do close if they don't have fruit available that day.

    1. Lots of fun things in Spokane. Have you taken the kids to MobiusKids? They will love it. It's in the bottom of RiverPark Square right across the street from Riverfront Park. If you want to know what is happening in the area, be sure to visit the website Lots of great happenings and idesa on the event calendar and the SpokaneMama Blog too.

      1. Riverfront Park is a must for children. The Farmers' Mkt is open on Sat and Wed, unfortunately. Family friendly eateries include The Elk, loud, kids won't bother, and adult beverages. Also, a number of places downtown with kids menus. Check out House is in Green Bluff with fruit, veggies, lunches, and gifts. is their website. Check them out.

        1. Luna on the South Hill (Perry St.) is my favorite dinner place. A little formal for kids probably, but The Elk in Brown's Addition (for lunch). I think Spokane has some great places to eat/drink! Huckleberrys on the South Hill Monroe St. is a wonderful little (expensive though) grocery store with a great deli for salads, sandwiches and picnic materials. Visit the Rockwood Bakery for coffee/breakfast - always tons of kids there. Take the kids to Riverfront Park to see the garbage eating goat and the big red wagon. Manito Park on the South Hill is also really fun - the English Garden and definitely Greenbluff! Agree!