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Sep 5, 2008 10:32 AM

30th birthday party in Pittsburgh?

I am planning a 30th birthday party for my boyfriend in Pittsburgh (although we live out of state). Looking for a location in the Southside or downtown that is casual, has a private or semi-private room and serves light food for about 25 people.

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  1. more or less same question was asked here:
    so you can follow that thread, short as it may be.

    1. I like Tusca (tapas) in the SouthSide Works. I'm not sure if they have a "private" room though.

      1. Penn Brewery is on the Near North Side just across the bridge from downtown.
        They have great beer, German food, and a private room.

        1. How about Mallorca on the South Side? The space is great, and the location couldn't be better for heading out for post-dinner drinks. I agree with the Tusca recommendation as well, but don't know if their space can accommodate private parties. Now that I think of it, Nakama (also on the South Side) has a space for private parties and is fun if you're in the mood for the Japanese steakhouse experience.