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Sep 5, 2008 10:14 AM

Molecular Gastronomy in Seattle?

Is there any? And where?

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  1. Not in the vain of El Bulli, Alinea, or WD-50 (meaning full degustation meals based on MG), but it does show up as components of dishes at a few places.

    The current Chef de Cuisine at Veil spent some time at Alinea and they are playing with some very cool things (recently had some awesome chorizo powder and jalapeno spheres.)

    The guys at Spur are also playing with lots of new toys (and chemicals) in their fancy new kitchen.

    1. Lampreia will do some MG type things. I've had sous vide dishes at Union. Tilth does a lot of sous vide, and I've also had foams and airs there. They also make a mushroom creme brule which was interesting. Veil is also a good choice, although now that Dana (the pastry chef) has left I imagine they'll lose some of that (she spent time at WD-50 and The Fat Duck).

      If you're really into that kind of thing let me know. I am too, and I love to experiment with the techniques at home.

      1. I had the Summer Vegetable Salad at Spur last week that had a few components that were cooked sous vide and small orbs of corn panna cotta that were pure MG. I wasn't too crazy about the panna cotta though. They were hard to get on and stay on the fork...then have to balance these perfectly round panna cotta bites on the fork to your mouth. It was comical. Also, Instead of having a creamy center, it had more a watery center. The veggies were delicous.