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Sep 5, 2008 09:15 AM

Well-priced Indian

I don't want to say CHEAP but basically that is what I need. Our local places are rather on the expensive side, but am looking for a place to cater a party of 20 for about $12 pp. Was thinking little India but not familiar with those places, and sadly don`t have the time to taste test them all (wish I did!).

I live midtown but am willing to drive within Toronto proper. Any and all suggestions appreciated!

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  1. Moti Mahal might fit the bill, but I've only been a guest, I've never paid!

    1. By catering you mean, pick up from them, and serve it elsewhere? Or do you mean you want to bring in a party of 20 to the restaurant but pre-select your own menu for a privately catered event?

      Either way, I think you should add Tiffin Restaurant (Ellesmere just east of Victoria Park) to your shortlist. Excellent, excellent food. We used to eat there every weekend and my son at age 8 months tried his first naan from there. They also sell Indian sweets (barfi, gulab jamun, etc.) by the weight. The restaurant decor and location itself is nothing to write home (inoffensive generica in a non-descript strip mall) but the location might be more convenient for you than Little India.

      Incidentally, this strip mall is quite the United Nations stop: sushi on one end (Korean owners, I think) and Hakka on the other. In between you have a Filipino cafe-type store, Chef George (check out his fruit carvings -- always a big hit at my events), a Filipino grocery store, a hairdresser (does intricate braidings), a Middle Eastern store with take-out food that I've been meaning to try, and of course, Tiffin.

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        I'd pick it up and serve it here! that is a little far afield for me though.

        I love your description of the mall, should definitely check that out.

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          The Tiffin website shows they have relocated to Pickering.

        2. Check out Maroli, on Bloor, west of Bathurst. Funny little place: looks like it used to be a Subway shop or something. But really good food. Excellent veg. samosas. The Maroli special chicken (Malibar?) is super and they do real mutton dishes. The fish in coconut curry is also good. We have had take out on a grand scale from them but my husband went to pick it up-I don't know about delivery.

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            Kings Palace is pretty decent food. On Church and Dovercourt

          2. I have tried many Indian and Pakistani restaurants in town. Dhaba on King is pretty good, will give you 10 percent discount if you order on the website, and they have coupons on the website as well - might just make your budget.More refined and a bit westerized. Delivery. My favorite, where I ate yesterday with three friends, is Lahore Tikka on Gerrard in Little India. Very authentic (there was an Indian in my group who could vouch for that), not too many onions in the preparation, distinct tastes to each dish. For four people I paid less than $50 so in your price range.

            1. Iqbal in Thorncliffe Park might do.

              Dishes are no more than $9 each. They do decent biryani, butter chicken and naan.