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Sep 5, 2008 08:46 AM

Kitchen Aid Mixer for kid

I friend is buying her daughter a mixer for her 12th birthday. She loves to cook/bake. I love my Kitchen Aid (took my parents from the 80s) but don't know what to receommend that is on the market now. Price isn't too much of an object, she just wants a mixer that is easy to use and will last long.

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  1. If she loves to bake then a KA Artisan series might be perfect. I feel like the fact that it is a heavy mixer makes it a little safer and more stable. I'm not sure why, but I think of a stand-mixer as safer to use for a kid than a hand-held. It comes in adorable colors, the controls are very very easy, and it has enough power to really hold up to some serious use. If she does get it, it will last her for a very long time too!

    1. I have a Pro 6, that I've had for a few years and it has been a work horse. I doubt whether a 12 year old could move it around, it's quite a chunk. I'd let her pick out her own once she learns the differences between the different models, that way it will truly be hers and it will be very special throughout her life.

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        I also have a Pro 6, but it would definitely be way to heavy for a 12 year old to work with! She is also 12, so although it might be a better investment from the get-go to pay a little extra for the Pro, it could be wiser for the right-now to get her something in the entry-level category.

        Is the girl used to working with KA's?

      2. While I agree that the Pro 600 would be the best LONG TERM investment, its heft and also the fact that it does not have the tilt head makes me vote for the Artisan. Comes in great colors, relatively lightweight, and the tilt head is a definite plus. I have a Pro 600, and it is a royal pain to get the bowl off, a 12 year old would be equally challenged by that. Unless she is a breadmaker and mixing super-stiff doughs, the Artisan should last her a good long time I would think.