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Sep 5, 2008 08:18 AM

Mozza or Pizza Bianco(Phoenix)???

I recently just moved back here to wonderful Los Angeles from Arizona. The only thing I will miss about AZ is my once a week outing to Pizza Bianco and a couple of my other favorite places to dine. I do plan on going to check out Mozza very soon, but after reading all of the reviews I was wondering if any LA hounds have been to Pizza Bianco and if Mozza even comes close. Have a great weekend fellow hounds!!!!!!!

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  1. I've been to both and can say that PB is better than PM, but just barely.

    This is in no way a slam on PM. It's just that Chris has the essence of making incredible chewy crust down to an art. It's beautifully bubbly, crusty and chewy at the same time. The various toppings are selected and added to complement the pizza crust.

    While Nancy and her staff do an amazing job with their pies, sometimes I feel like there's too much air underneath that dough of theirs. Also, some of the toppings on the pizzas don't necessarily work to complement the dough. That said, there is nothing wrong with the pies at PM, but in comparison with PB it comes in as "1A".

    One thing that PM has over PB is the wait. Nothing makes a person more stir-crazy than waiting upwards of 2 hours in 100 degree weather for some pizza.

    Go and let us know how you like PM.

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      Well said and described about PB. I'll report back when I check out PM. Oh, and you're not kidding about the heat!!!!

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        I've been to both. I think the pizzas are similar. PB has a better crust--it's slightly less dense. I like PM's fennel sausage better than PB's wise guy and like PB's sonny boy better than any of the PM salame pies I've tried. Aside from PM's fennel sausage, I liked all four PB pizzas better than the PM pizzas I've had (about 4 others). After waiting in line for 2+ hours at PB, I was grateful to have PM so close to me and so relatively convenient.
        PM can't match the feeling and interior/exterior design of PB, nor are the patrons and servers as genuine and friendly as at PB.
        I've had pleasant friendly service everytime at PM, but PB's people were a step above without being intrusive or syrupy.
        I can't wait to go back to PB--maybe this month.

    2. On Food Network "Top American Restaurants: Bon Appetit Picks the Best," Pizza Bianco won Best Pizza in the US, Mozza got an honorable mention.

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        "Pizza Bianco won Best Pizza in the US" from a TV show?? More bester than Frank Pepe in New Haven, CT? In that case, the world as I know it would be coming to an end.

        PB is great, but it's nowhere, next to the New Haven white clam joints, with their great bubbly crusts and garlicky, oilsome, and supremely clammy fillings. And I won't even mention the immoral PB waits.

        Around here, pizza's not so great, as we all know, but much more than Mozza, I like Bollini's -- the thin crust, the fresh fillings, the friendly chef, and the expanded dining room soon to open.

      2. Not much I can add to this thread that hasnt been said so wonderfully. I would like to say that if you get to PB at about 330 in the afternoon youll get a first seating at 5. The Bianco wine bar next door opens at 4 so that helps with the wait. I think Id rather go early and get the waiting done upfront without having to deal with a hungry waiting crowd.

        Mozza on the other hand takes a reservation which eliminates some of the waiting. However I have never gotten a reservation any earlier then 10pm! Maybe because I call from out of state, a month in advance?

        In the end I prefer PB based on pizza alone. If I had to compare the 2 based on food choices PM suits me better with their vast array of starters and sides Im in hog heaven.

        1. IMHO there is absolutely no comparison. Bianco is pizza heaven and Mozza is pizza hell! I know I'm in the minority, but I cannot stand the noise, discomfort and attitude at Mozza. Their food is ok, but definitely not in a league with Bianco. Bianco rocks...and if you are ever in Halifax, Nova Scotia...try Morris East...a notch below Bianco, but right up there with the best.

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            i am in that minority with you, josephnl. The problem is that I am just back from having great pizzas in Rome. I am glad to be back but my mind is missing the taste of the pizza there. I really don't know where to go for it here. Antica once in a while is great but often they miss the high note (I think it depends largely upon who is cooking). I like some of the pizzas in LA but none I've had yet have that earthiness of Rome... To be fair, most of the many pizzas I've had in Italy don't have it either.

          2. I would say if you are judging on best overall gourmet meal, Mozza i.e. all the fancy apps and wine selection etc but for just overall best pizza, Bianco takes the crown without a doubt. Also i have never had a prob walking into Mozza not having to wait for more than a half hour, obviously not the case at Bianco.