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Sep 5, 2008 08:07 AM

Favorite steakhouse in Boston...

My boyfriend is turning 30. We are going out for a "birthday date" a week after his birthday and I want to bring him to a place he will enjoy. He's not into fancy dancy restaurants that server minute size portions and he loves steak. I thought my best bet would be a steakhouse. I don't want a chain like Morton's or Ruth's Chris. How's Bonfire? What are some of your favorites? Price is not really an issue, but I want great food, great service and good portions, etc.


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  1. Grill 23, Abe & Louis or the Oak Room for non-chain steakhouses - all are excellent!

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    1. Friends of mine had a horrible meal at Bonfire recently.

      I've been to A&L, Mooo, Grill 23, and the Oak Room and A&L is by far my favoriate. Mooo is also a great choice.