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Sep 5, 2008 07:16 AM

Place To Get Pho In DC

Sup Chowhound Family...I really need your help. I work on Capitol Hill, and unfortunately I am not feeling too well (I have a cold). I need Pho...Pho is so good, and it will cure my cold (((Laughing))). I know you can get some great Pho in Falls Church and in Arlington, but really...I want to save as much of my gas as possible. Where in DC, preferably close to Capitol Hill, can I get some quality Pho? Thanks alot.

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  1. Pacific Cafe on Penn next to Fragers... not as good as the burbs, but passible in a pinch. Ask for extra sauce - you'll need is as the broth is a little bland compared to really good Pho.

    I get take out there about once a week. Calimari, fried wontons, ginger beef, and Hanoi grilled pork are also pretty good.

    1. Just go to Pho 75 in Rosslyn, no it's not near Capitol Hill, but certainly is worth the trip, as it is much better than the DC options.

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        I ended up going to Pho 75 anyways....LOL!!! I live near the Pho 75 in Herndon, so I know how good they are. Didn't take me that long at all. The only problem was that it is located right next to Ray's Hell Burger, so I almost cancelled my order of pho...LOL!!!

      2. Quality Pho?

        But you can get Pho @

        1) Nam Viet in Cleveland Park -
        3419 Connecticut Ave NW

        2) Cafe Deli in Chinatown -
        734 6th Street NW

        3) Jack's Vietnamese (next door to cafe deli) in Chinatown (which may also have Banh Mi on certain days - apparently days i'm never there) - 736 6th Street NW

        4) Miss Saigon in Georgetown - 3057 M St NW
        5) Vietnam Georgetown - 2934 M St NW

        6) Pacific Cafe is Vietnamese and it's in Cap Hill. 1129 Pennsylvania Ave SE

        Quality? My palate is not refined enough to give you a good answer. I usually drive to Eden Center/NoVa if I want Vietnamese

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          The pho at Saigon Saigon in Pentagon Row is good...not the best ever but good and you could metro there easily from the Hill.

          1. re: DCDOLL

            Thanks DC Doll, i'll have to check it out.

            It's Banh Mi that i'm really after.

            There's a spot in Bellaire (neighborhood in Houston) called Givral's....i'm hard pressed to find something as good here in DMV. .

          2. re: WestIndianArchie

            West Indian Archie? I love it...someone who read the Autobiography of Malcolm X (Or at least saw the movie)...LOL!!! Thank you for the suggestions. It's good to have options. That day I actually went to Pho 75 in Arlington anyways, but I may try the place off of Penn Avenue in SE next time. Thanks alot again for your suggestions.

            1. re: WestIndianArchie

              Oh goodness no. Both Miss Saigon and Vietnam in Georgetown are horrible. Just the least authentic vietnamese and worst pho ever. I would never go back to either place. They even tie for crappiness.

              Can't speak to the others on this list, but Pho 75 is the standard in this area. Any place with "atmosphere" probably can't serve a decent bowl of pho.

              1. re: pickyenough

                "Where in DC, preferably close to Capitol Hill"

                Pho 75 is not in DC.
                Neither is Minh's.

                1. re: WestIndianArchie

                  The Pho 75 in Rosslyn is much closer to Capitol Hill than many parts of DC proper. That's just a geographic fact. I don't think the OP was that interested in a specific DC location as opposed to a good bowl of pho that's close to him.

                  1. re: dpan

                    "OP asked for DC " I know you can get some great Pho in Falls Church and in Arlington, but really...I want to save as much of my gas as possible. "

                    1. re: WestIndianArchie

                      Like I said, Rosslyn is closer to CH than most of NW DC.

                      1. re: WestIndianArchie

                        Both Pho 75 in Rosslyn and Minh's are Metro accessible.

                        It's about 5 miles to drive to Pho 75 from Capitol Hill (taking the TR bridge). Minh's is about a mile down Wilson Blvd; so, perhaps 6 miles from Capitol Hill. It's a bit more than 4 miles to drive to the Georgetown Vietnamese restaurants from Capitol Hill.

                        I'm not the OP (and I live within walking distance from Pho 75, so this doesn't apply to me). However, if I were on the Hill and felt I had to have Vietnamese, I would go to (close-in) Virginia.

                        1. re: Lori D

                          Which is what the OP did. He says above he did go to Pho 75 (presumably by metro).

              2. The only decent place I have found Pho in the downtown area is a little Asian cafe at 19th and L. Not even sure of the name.

                1. try minh's in clarendon... their pho is excellent, as are many of their dishes including Grilled Beef w/ Thin Noodle