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Sep 5, 2008 07:09 AM

caribou in montreal byo?

Does anybody have any suggestions on where i can get caribou in montreal at a byob? I recently tried la colombe (which was greaaaaaaaaaaat btw) but they did not have caribou. I read that Le Pegase might but i do not see it on their menu. Thanks for any suggestions

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  1. It's usually on the menu at Les Infidèles.

    And unless my memory's playing tricks on me, I've also encountered it from time to time at Le P'tit Plateau, Le Bleu Raisin and Yoyo.

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    1. re: carswell

      thanks i did look at les infideles as well. Any idea if "all inclusive" includes tax/tip? i wouldnt normally think so, but it says
      55$ tout inclus
      ( 42$ avant taxes et service)

      According to that menu it looks like the 55 would include both, no? thanks for the suggestions. Also, any idea if any of these places have menu's in english?

      1. re: Daniel8

        I think you're looking at one of the group menus. Here's the regular menu, which lists prices before taxes and service. As far as I know, the menu is only offered in French (though the servers are happy to provide explanations in English). However, I did a quick-and-dirty translation of it for another poster a while back (still haven't received my cheque...):

        LPP and LBR have blackboard menus; LPP may also have a print menu. The blackboard is in French; don't recall if the print menu is bilingual. LPP doesn't have a website and LBR's website only lists a sample menu. In any case, if you're looking for an unusual dish like caribou, you should call and inquire beforehand.

        Yoyo has an English menu on the English side of their website, though they also have a blackboard menu with specials (as I recall, the caribou was a special).

        1. re: carswell

          was hoping not to have to make the waiter explain 20 dishes, maybe i'll print out your translation. thanks again!