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Sep 5, 2008 06:48 AM

Brisket Sandwich-Philly

While living in Philly three years ago, I heard about, but never got to, a lunch place that was supposed to have the best brisket sandwiches. I think it was in the Logan Square, Love Park area - a place that workers went for lunch. Now, I'm back in Philly and do not remember the place or location. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Thanks.

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  1. I think it's Bubbie's Brisket and Bugsy's Weiners on N. 15th St just north of Arch St. that you are referring to.

    Never been though!

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    1. re: bluehensfan

      I can strongly recommend the brisket sandwich at Denic's in the Reading Terminal market.

      1. re: Bossa_Nova

        I second the DiNic's recommendation at the Read Terminal Market. It's an excellent sandwich and I think you'll enjoy it.

        1. re: YoccosFan

          Finally got around to trying this sandwich today. Had it with sharp provolone. Fantastic. Split the sandwich but could have easily eaten the whole thing...

            1. re: bluehensfan

              No greens...the sandwich was ordered for me. Will have to get it with rabe next time (and there will definitely be a next time).

      2. re: bluehensfan

        I finally went to Bubbie's yesterday and the sandwich was absolutely delicious. As a New Yorker, I was expecting rye bread, but now that I'm in Philly, I have to get used to the hoagie rolls with everything. The brisket was flavorful and moist. It was such a beautiful day; My wife and I brought it to Logan Square to eat, read and relax. Thanks fore the hint.

      3. Bubbie's Brisket at 15th and Arch is the place. It is amazing. The brisket is fabulous. They are only open on weekdays and there is no seating so go on a nice day and enjoy your brisket in Love Park.

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          Thanks for the hint - the sandwich was fantastic.

        2. Hershel's Deli - Reading Terminal Market has a very good (huge) brisket sandwich. Hot, juicy with ton's of meat.

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            I tried the brisket at Hershel's and Bubbie's and I like Bubbie's better - try it!

            1. re: rockpile

              Thanks for the great recommendation. The Brisket sandwich at Bubbys is tasty. I also enjoyed the friendly service.


              1. re: rockpile

                Thanks! I will. But from your description I would prefer the brisket on rye. I'll check it out!

            2. No one mentioned Shanks on S 10th St between Christian and Washington. Hand cut, with bowl of gravy on the side, w or wo greens, it is the bomb.