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Sep 4, 2008 11:50 PM

Lynnwood-Mountlake Terrace - the annual trek

The boss says its time for me to make the annual business trek to Seattle and so once again I will find myself in the Lynnwood - Mountlake Terrace area looking for a decent place to eat dinner. Doesn't have to be fancy - just good food tho I'd rather skip Mexican or Chinese as we have way too many of those here.

I know I can head up around Alderwood Mall and do the various chains but I'd rather find the more local kinds of places. Since I'll have a car, driving a bit isn't out of the question. Thanks for any ideas you can send my way.

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  1. Downtown Edmonds is close by. We like Olive's and Shell Creek. The Loft just opened and is supposed to be worth a visit.

    1. There are some great family-owned Korean restaurants along Highway 99. Here's one of several threads.

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        Agree. I've found some very good Korean restaurants around Shoreline and Lynnwood, e.g.

        Old Village (traditional barbecue)
        Ho Soon Yi (soon dubu)
        Ka Won (barbecue and multi-course dinners)

      2. I grew up in Edmonds.
        *For a northwest dinner or lunch with a view(located next to the boates with a water view) I still recommend Chantrelle's or Anothony's Beach Cafe- Try the Hawaiian cobb, fish tacos, or the fresh plate. They have a theme every couple of months (a seasonal food) or so that they slant some dishes to it- I think you might be coming during cherry time- Try the Halibut with cherry and sourcream*
        * For a Oprah and northwest favorite head to Ezell's Chicken (take-out) on 196th in
        *I just finally made it to L&L BBQ (take-out or dine in)- it is a great must try-
        *By the mall- Calilfornia Burger Company, Gyros Delight, & Fatburger

        1. If you're willing to take a short trek into Shoreline., I highly recommend Grinders for their phenomenal sandwiches. It's about 1/2 mile south of the Snohomish/King County line on Hwy 99:

          1. I used to live up there. I now live in Tacoma. There is a Burger shop on hwy 99 and 208th st sw called Redline. It's been open for about 2 years now. The menu is really small and simple. Best burgers in town. They are really juicy and the onion rings are really good. .Also if you like good beer...... check out Big E brewery on 52nd and 208th. They have at least 8 of their handcrafted beers on tap plus food. I never ate there but have heard it's good. Try the Scotch ale, Cream Stout and the IPA.

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              Given that the OP posted her message a year ago, I bet she found somewhere to eat.

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                if is an annual trek, she'll be needing new advice soon :)

                San Fernando and HMart are the two new things in the past year.

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                  Absolutely important to get updated advice - I'm in that area of Seattle every year or more so thanks for the new ideas!

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                    Olives ( is still the best place in Edmonds if you ask me. The Loft is worth a try too. Sadly, Shell Creek has closed it's doors. Cafe Neo on 99 and 212th is great for gyros and greek. Maddox Grill on 99 at 180th or so makes great food--casual to fancy--and has delicious, reasonably priced drinks too.