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Sep 4, 2008 10:51 PM

How much cream cheese for how many bagels?

Is there a formula for this? For a bagel brunch for 30 or so, how many 8 oz pkg of cream cheese will be needed? Will be served w/sliced tomato and onion and also fruit salad.

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  1. Some missing figures here.
    For a normal size bagel...41/2" diameter one might count on 1 1/2 to 2 tablespoons cream cheese per half. ( made the assumption of split and toasted.) Larger, more modern, bagels would need more. It is hard to estimate how many bagels one might eat. If this is a vegetarian do then they will probably eat less. For others they might forage, looking for a firmer protein..Lox? For those people you might get a very small amount of lox, mince or shred the fish and mix in with part of the cream cheese and add a tiny bit of horseradish, perhaps some minced green onion.
    Haven't had a bagel brunch since I left New York.... years ago. California bagels just don't stack up.

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      I'd estimate about 1/2 oz to 1 oz cream cheese per bagel, depending on what type of bagels you are serving. I suggest you set out butter too since some people prefer that. People will use more whipped than brick style cream cheese which is why I like to estimate in ounces instead of volume measurement like teaspoons. For the bagels themselves, I'd estimate two per person if it's a bagel brunch per se -- (i.e. everyone will have at least one.) If it's a menu where some people will not have a bagel at all, I'd estimate 1 or 1.5 per head.

      I had a backyard wedding brunch for my sister and served bagels and estimated two per person and was shocked at how many leftovers we had. People just don't eat carbs like they used to lol. I personally never mind leftovers as they freeze well. I think entertaining with bagels is one of the easiest crowd pleasers you can do.

      With your menu you might want to do a really nice relish tray too -- pickles, olives, tomatoes, sliced colored bell peppers or mini colored bell peppers, fresh basil, etc. It's super easy and every time I serve a relish tray it's completely demolished, down to the parsley garnish.

    2. So I'll assume 6-8 bagels per 8oz pkg of cc... that s/b in the ball park, sorta...