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Sep 4, 2008 08:41 PM

Culinary "to-do's" at the Cape

I will be spending a week at the Cape (Buzzard's Bay area) starting on the 13th and there are a few things I would like to do.

- Buy some mussels and make an elegant dinner for my husband.

Where would be a good place to procure said mussels?

- Have a great lobster roll!

Where to go?

- Get a great picnic lunch to enjoy on the beach (after I build my awesome sand castle!)

Where to go, what to order?

I am really looking forward to this long awaited vacation and I want to eat my way through it and worry about exercising it off when I get home! Any other Chow advise for enjoying my Cape get away gastronomically?


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  1. I regret I do not know BB area but imagine every fish market has local mussels? If you can drive about 20 min. to Popponesett/New Seabury hit the Raw Bar for their lobster roll. Sharing works as they are massive. I think walking the canal is so pretty and might be a nice spot for a picnic? Also Sandy Neck Beach, about 15 min. from BB.

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      Good recs from Phelana, but I'm not sold on the Raw Bar's lobster roll. IMO you can do much better than frozen canned lobster meat that they use there. Why not buy some fresh lobster meat when you go in search of mussels? Just add a little mayo and put on a grilled New England style hot dog bun and that's it! There's a good fish market on the rotary over the Bourne bridge on the Cape side. Tou should find both mussels and lobser meat there.

    2. The Chart Room in Cataumet is about a 10 minute drive. Lovely setting on a marina and great food. Their Lobster Roll is huge and is served on Portugese Bread instead of a hotdog roll. It's big enough for 2 people (and at $17 or so, it oughta be!).

      Of course, a Fried clam roll (with bellies!) would be on my list. If you get down to Falmouth Harbor there's a great Clam shack right at the entrance. The fish market is in the same building and should have mussels.

      Another Cape Cod favorite is a stuffed quahog. The ones made with linguica are especially good. Many restaurants have them on the menu and many fish markets sell them.

      If you need other places, The Silver Lounge in N. Falmouth is always popular and has great chowder. The Chapaquoit Lounge in West Falmouth has a good food