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Sep 4, 2008 08:04 PM

Biryani Corner - fast good Indian food in Dupont

By the way, this place serves tasty, fresh-ish Indian food on P Street, just below Dupont. It used to be a Naan and Beyond, which was also pretty good. But their new menu has (obviously) fresh-cooked biryanis for about $7-8, random curries, but also...kathi rolls!! These are sort of wrap/burrito-type sandwiches made of Indian flat bread (possibly roti? I think they may also have naanwiches), wrapped around delicious curry delights. And they're cheap! This is a great addition to the Dupont food scene.

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  1. Thanks for this! The best food in the world is street food, so I am really looking forward to trying a kathi roll here.

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      I also just read about this new place in Adams Morgan, Himalayan Heritage, reviewed by the Post. The menu has some really fun stuff:

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        that place sounds interesting. i've never had nepalese food...and wonder (from the menu) which are the "himalayan spices and herb" blends.....

    2. The biryani is probably the weakest of the options at Biryani Corner, but it is a great place for a quick and cheap meal. In addition to the very tasty kathi rolls, they have dosas which are also good and some lentils and chickpeas and other curry stuff in steam trays. This is a deconsecrated Quizno's, so it is funny to see all the Quizno's stuff around in this Indian restaurant. If you do get the biryani, beware that it is a giant portion probably enough for two.

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        "deconsecrated Quizno's" -- funny!

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          Second Indian place in a row to close in that space.

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            That section of P Street is cursed. The place across the street has been the Fractured Prune, Aioli, and now Saigon Bistro. Cafe Trope just closed - Montsouris has been closed for some time.