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Sep 4, 2008 07:48 PM

1 day in Forest Hills, what's not to be missed?

Starting threads for neighborhoods in Brooklyn, will do the same for Queens, think that this will be helpful, for those seeking 1 day excursions, and don't have the time or inclination to search throught multitudes of posts, many with outdated info, and often wrong addresses. Please add your favorites below, and please use the link to place option when possible.

Thank you!

Okay, here goes:

For the absolute best rugelach in the universe, get yourself to Andre's on Queens Blvd. It's expensive and worth it. Other good stuff there, too strudels, etc...

Nick's Pizza is a favorite, seems people either love it or don't. I like it alot, although I really wish they would add something new to their menu as their Rockville Centre LI place serves alot more stuff. I like the pizza plain, just margharita, no toppings seems to be best, preserves the integrity of the pie. The crust is very charred so if you don't like that, stay away. They make a very good cannoli and the brownie can be hit or miss, Also, excellent cappacino. And their house salad is divine, get that one. Arugula, and peppers and a sweet dressing. Portion big enough to share.

Knish Nosh make the famous knishes you've probably had elsewhere as they wholesale them all ove the place. They also make the best matzo ball soup and really good pierogi's too.

Trader Joe's is now in the area, on Metropolitan and near to Woodhaven Blvd. Don't kill yourself in the parking lot.

If you need to pick up some fresh vegetables, etc, you could go to Natural market on Austin and Ascan, it's a poor man's whole foods, except with high prices.

Danny Brown Wine Bar on Metropolitan Ave has gotten it's fair amount of feedback here, I think it's good but the menu is a bit boring to me. It's a good place to go if you can afford it. It's a nice atmosphere, not kid friendly, though.

Casa De Elian, a new mexican place has been discussed, see the thread, I haven't been. My Kitchen has been discussed, see the thread, I haven't been. Both are on Metroplitan.

If you've got a car, one other place which will be moving soon, from Glendale, 88th over to Metropolitan and Forest Hills will be La Tavernetta. This place is great, and a definite go to spot.

Everything else in Forest Hills, and especially Austin Street is not worth going out of your way for. There is a decent Greek place, Corfu that has a good lunch special, and in the same strip mall, a newish place called Ripe, which does have very fresh wraps. But, again, nothing you'd especially remember. Martha's Bakery sucks in my opinion, also.

Knish Nosh
100-30 Queens Blvd, Queens, NY 11375

Nick's Pizza
108-26 Ascan Ave, Queens, NY 11375

Andre's Hungarian Bakery
100-28 Queens Blvd, Queens, NY 11375

Corfu Grill
70-17 Austin St, Queens, NY 11375

La Tavernetta Europa
100-05 Metropolitan Ave, Queens, NY 11375

Ripe Juice Bar & Grill
70-13 Austin St, Queens, NY 11375

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  1. I agree about martha's bakery. It's so disgustingly sweet, I just don't get the fuss over that place. Bonelle's on the other hand has great baked goods.

    1. I agree as well. I would also add Horcon Bistro, on Woodhaven Blvd close to the Queens Mall (between Dry harbor and 62nd I believe). Authentic Chilean food in a cozy atmosphere. Fresh homemade bread with this sauce they call "pebre", nothing compares, you just want to eat it all day and forget the rest of the food, but then they bring the actual entree and you wish you hadn't eaten so much bread! The address is 62-16 woodhaven blvd - definitely go.

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      1. re: tomatolover

        I passed by this new place recently and was wondering if anyone had been. Is there an online menu anywhere? Had checked out their not too great NYC inspection, when trying to access info on them, and this didn't seem to persuasive.........what is chilean food like?

      2. you missed a whole slew of good shopping on 108th Street part of which is technically rego park but right on the border of forest hills

        carmel - which is a small middle eastern store with dried fruits, spices, prepared salads like babaganoush, hummous, tabouli etc (both housemade and brands like Sabra), cheeses, dried goods, frozen delicacies, puff pastry and MORE

        then there are all the Russian Delis on 108th. Personally I like International which is close to 63rd Drive,but Mischa and Monya is a good standby as well on the other end of 108th Street.

        Some people really like Salute - (it's either uzbeki or georgia - kosher style)
        it's not bad but not stellar in my book.

        there's also cheese of all nations or cheese of the world on Austin Street with a pretty good selection of cheeses and they sell fresh Tomcat bakery bread - which is outstanding.

        Bonelle also sells Tomcat bread and some of their bakery products are really good - especially if they make cakes to order for you. Not cheap but very good quality and presentation. The owners sister is a grump and can really put you off but still good stuff in general and a small biz that has been there along time.

        There's also Penang Malaysan Restaurant on Queens Blvd
        haven't been there in a while
        have had both good and bad meals there.

        Just Like Mothers makes very good chicken soup too
        not crazy about the rest of their menu.

        Tower Diner on QUeens Blvd has a good burger platter

        On the Grill on Queens Blvd near the now defunct Peter Pan Bakery
        does wonderful falafel with homemade pita bread
        their other food looks good too but I always get the falafel - really excellent as are their salads Kosher so closed on Friday night and Saturday all day and night.

        and don't forget Eddie's Sweet Shop on Metropolitan for old fashion ice cream treats.

        There is also a chocolate confectionary store on Metropolitian (old school )

        Dee's on metropolitan has good salads and pizza like things as well as a slew of entrees.

        There's a whole nother world on Metropolitan Avenue - kind of a restaurant row area.

        PS at Nick's Pizza be sure to try the arugula and watercress salad - the dressing is unusual and outstanding. Have been trying to duplicate it for years - am getting closer.

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        1. re: tigerwoman

          agreed on Nick's house salad, it's great. Never really cared for Dee's. Love Carmel, but it is Rego Park, and so I left it out as well as a lot of the Bukharian spots. Never been to Pinang but have heard good reports from friends. Other places you mentioned to me are not "destination" spots. To me, if you have 1 day in an area, you want to experience the best of that area. The falafel is good at On the Grill, but I don't think it's as good as Hapisgah in Kew Garden Hills. Just like MOther's seems like the last destination for many, and while it's decent for comfort food sometimes, it wouldn't make my list. I don't care for Bonnelle, and if I was going to hit one bakery, it would be Andre's for rugelach. And then I'd go to East Elmhurst to Cannelle!!!

          It's more like a best of list that I'm looking for, not a listing of just what's there.
          By the way, I remember your post from years ago about the ice cream from Itgen's finally made it out there a few months ago and posted a report on the LI board........that place is a real throwback. Back to dieting now, so no ice cream in my future for a long time :(

          1. re: janie

            Actually you are wrong Carmel is still Forest Hills, the border is a few blocks over on 108th Street.

            I also disagree about the falafel, it's really hard to find good falafel even even kew gardens where there are more choices but I personally like On the Grill better than Hapisgah. There really isn't that much that makes Forest Hills a destination unfortunately.

            1. re: janie

              Janie, in my opinion, Bonelle, located to next to Nicks on Ascan Ave is one of the great small bakeries in NYC for what they do best: their plain croissants are the lightest flakiest nongreasy I have ever had anywhere including Paris. Their best items to me are: lemon meringue and fruit tarts; cheesecake, carrot cake and chocolate mousse slices; open and closed cheese danishes; pannieres (small elephant ears) and raspberry walnut shortcakes. Andre's has great strudel and other Hungarian specialties. Jay Dee's is not at Bonelle's level. All other cake/pastry bakeries in Forest Hills along the Queens Blvd/ Austin St from Ascan to 69th Aves are second-rate commercial types with Aunt Martha's being their prime example. Its worth spending a little more to enjoy really good baking.

            2. re: tigerwoman

              Disagree about Mother's. Their breakfast is cheap and delicious in comparison to most diners in Queens.

              I still don't understand the hype about Eddie's Sweet Shop. Yest it's retro, but it's so disorganized and "worn out." I love the retro and antique look, but you have to maintain it so that it doesn't look ancient with aging dust. Their ice cream is mediocre and they don't serve ice cream a la mode. Sweet shop should have some sweets, besides ice cream. Otherwise it should be called "Ice cream shop."

              Whole nother world on Metro brought a whole nother traffic congestion. I love the current energy and the variety of restaurants, but I miss the peaceful streets of Metro. It takes me 4 times as long to get home via the avenue than before TJ and restaurants' population. I guess you just can't have it both ways.

              1. re: Inthemood

                I agree about Eddie's. It's overhyped- I've found that it's disorganized and dirty, and the ice-cream is pretty standard. I also don't see what the fuss is about Dees (though I love Nick's)

                1. re: Inthemood

                  Just Like Mother's has some very good entrees: Chicken breast stuffed with mushrooms, Stuffed cabbage or peppers, and Hunter's pork chop four winners. Avoid the overcooked dried out duck and tasteless chicken in the pot. Potato pancakes and cheese blintzes are superb sides or desserts.

              2. What about My Kitchen also on Metropolitan near Dees. I highly recommend it. The food is usually high quality, eveything is priced well, you can bring your own bottle with no corkage and the atmosphere is really nice.