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SF - Boulevard or Slanted Door?

I realize some refined Chowhound palates might not pick either of these restaurants, but bottom line is, I have a reservation at Boulevard and Slanted Door on the same night. I need to pick one and want some opinions as to which is the better choice. I have read so many +/- reviews on these places that it's hard to make a decision. Input would be greatly appreciated.

I'm from Ohio where things like Berkshire/Heritage pork, Niman Ranch and fresh seafood are hard to come by.

Keep in mind that my trip is a week away, so I can no longer snag reservations for this particular evening at places like Coi, Canteen, Aziza, etc. I need to decide between Boulevard or Slanted Door because that's where I have reservations.

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  1. Honestly, I think you'll have a fine time at either place.

    The big differences are of course New American (Boulevard) and New Vietnamese (Slanted Door). Boulevard is a more traditional dining space, nicely done, warm/dark lighting, etc. Slanted Door is a modern space, nicely done as well, bright, noisier but on the water (although views aren't really there).

    My guess is you'll be more familiar with Boulevard and less so with Slanted Door but I could be wrong. When I travel, I usually go for what I can't get at home.

    When you get here, I'd still try for the other reservations or maybe have your hotel ask around.

    1. I love both places but, given the choice, I'd pick Boulevard. Reasons:
      - better food;
      - better service (slightly);
      - better ambience (by far!);
      - you can hear yourself speak.

      1. Not sure what the occasion is... if this is with spouse/date I would go with Boulevard. The restaurant is beautiful both inside and out. I've always had wonderful evenings here. However I would characterize the food as in general richer than Slanted Door. If you've got a busy food schedule during your visit, you might prefer Slanted Door.

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          Brutal choice! These are two of my favorites - They are close enough together that you could check them both out - I would head to Slanted Door for a drink at their bar (maybe a light app) and then zip over to Boulevard for dinner.

        2. Boulevard is the better restaurant. Hands down. I love SD; love love love it. But this is not a close call.

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            Whiner's post sums it up nicely. Slanted Door is good and it's more exotic. But Boulevard is one of the best restaurants in the city.

          2. Boulevard is a memorable meal. Fantatstic food, great wines, and excellent service.
            Slanted Door is over rated and LOUD. They were sooo much better before they opened in the Ferry Building.

            1. Boulevard would be my choice. Although Slanted Door has great food, it is more of a choice for lunch for me than dinner because of the noise and general ambiance. Boulevard provides a more relaxed dining experience. Although totally different cuisine than Slanted Door, in my estimation, better quality food!

              1. Gotta go with Boulevard, too. SD is too noisy and over-hyped.

                1. I'd vote for TSD even though I am not a fan (too Fusion-y for me) for one simple reason. The chance of there being something like it somewhere in Ohio is far smaller than the chance of there being something like Boulevard there. But that's just my MO, leaning to the more exotic when there are choices to be made.

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                    The original post says "Berkshire/Heritage pork, Niman Ranch and fresh seafood are hard to come by," so Boulevard's menu (which shows lots of Asian influences) is probably just about as exotic as Slanted Door, if not more so.

                    Personally I'd go with Boulevard. Much nicer overall experience. I like the food at Slanted Door and am always happy to have lunch there when someone else is paying, but the noise and sterile decor turn me off.

                  2. This is an easy one. Boulevard, for all the reasons others have said. I like both restaurants, but I wouldn't hesitate with this choice.

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                      I agree with those who prefer Boulevard, especially if you actually want to be able to talk to your dinner companion(s). Slanted Door seems to specialize in noise.

                    2. i ate at boulevard last night and it was a wonderful meal. go to boulevard.

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                      1. Dang..just when I secured reservations for lunch at SD and after seeing all the love for Boulevard and the menu..WOW..the choice is very clear..Boulevard!