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Sep 4, 2008 06:36 PM

Search for shaved ice/bubble tea yields a gem in Bayside

I've been searching for places to satisfy my random bubble tea (and sometimes shaved ice) cravings for a while now since I've moved from LA, and I've found a real neat place in Bayside... just south of 73rd on Bell Blvd. The store is called Sweet Adele's, and is owned by a nice couple who told me they've been there for over 20 years. They have candy, chocolates, and Japanese snacks (including California rolls for 2.50, natch!) as well.

The bubble tea that I got is the cheapest that I remember paying, and the flavor is very authentic and most importantly, the bubble/boba/tapioca balls are the perfect chewiness (I'm sorry, I'm kind of a freak when it comes to these things- I hate a stiff, nasty tapioca ball in a diluted bubble tea drink). Also, they had a Shaved Ice machine that was the same as the ones I've seen in Hawaii... in flower cups like Matsumoto's! They have a lot of flavors also, and red beans/condensed milk on top if you like.

I also had a nice cup of coffee, fresh ground and brewed for less than the Dunkin Donuts a few stores down (why would anyone go there?!?!)... check it out if you're in the area!!

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  1. Bubble tea at that end of Bayside. YES!!! No more hiking to Flushing to find parking for a cup of the good stuff. Do you know if they sell green tea ice cream? My kid loves it and I usually have to go to Flushing or Mitsuwa (in Jersey) for it. Bayside would be much more convenient.

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      They have a bunch of flavors of ice cream and a friend of mine got green tea ice cream and said it was very good... yeah, it's really a very convenient place and they have a surprisingly big selection of drinks/snacks. I really like the java chip blended coffee drink and their fruit smoothies as well... hope you will like it!

      1. Please note that Sweet Adele's recently moved to a new store on that same block. It's bigger and nicer than their old space. If you drive up to the store and find it closed, don't panic (like I did). They are now located a few stores away closer to the intersection.

        I like that they use real tea in their bubble tea. Delicious and inexpensive. Only $3.50 for a large.

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        1. do they have ling hing mui shave ice? my favorite from hawaii.

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            Solid bubble tea. I'll still rank Sago in Flushing higher but it's nice to have a place a lot closer by that's very good. Good flavor (not too sweet), good tapioca (not too soft or sweet), lots of flavors, reasonable price, and a heck of a lot easier to park than Flushing :)

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              I actually had to look that up... a dried plum sort of flavor? I asked at the store the other day, and they said that they have dried plum powder- I suppose you could ask them to use that on a shave ice. They said it's a Taiwanese flavor as well, assuming we're talking about the same thing... hope this helps!

              Oh, and it seems that someone found the store from this post and took pictures and everything as well... I'm glad they liked it!


            2. I'm glad someone wrote about this place-- I live around the area and was so happy when I found a place that sells Sugar-free everything- cookies (with no funny taste from substitutes), chocolates (even truffles), ice cream, and drinks (frappes!). My aunt is a diabetic, and really loves the food and drinks from here. It's hard for her to find a place that sells so many good Sugarfree items at a reasonable price and are tasty!
              I like to get the fruit smoothies there, the lady puts in a 1/2 pound of fruit! And it's not too sweet--I get the All-Berry smoothie - YUM!

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                A beautiful day today so went to the park and afterward took munchkins to Sweet Adele. Their strawberry ice-cream was delicious! I ordered green tea ice cream for myself and it had intense green tea flavor, not too sweet but the strawberry was, wow. It tasted creamy and like fresh strawberry. I couldn't believe it was only $1.00 per scoop.
                I also tried their green tea mochi. It had bean paste filling but the surprise was it had marshmellow wrapped around the bean paste inside the mochi. I ended up buying 3 more to go. This is a really nice neighborhood gem. I wished I lived around the area!

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                  This place landed on my radar only last summer, at the start of this thread ... Glad it's still in top form.

                  Sweet Adele's
                  73-24 Bell Blvd, Queens, NY 11364

              2. Went back there recently and they have these awesome ice cream mochi desserts from Hawaii (apparently featured in Oprah) in a lot of flavors... probably close to 15! I found it online here:


                and it is actually MUCH cheaper at the store. I can't wait to go back and try the other flavors, it's the perfect treat on a hot day...