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Sep 4, 2008 06:16 PM

Sioux City-Suggestions??

Hi-I'm coming to Sioux City for two days and am interested in checking out some non-chain restaurants.

It seems that there's quite a few mexican places? which is the most authentic? any other suggestions?

Also are there any local beers that I should try?


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  1. I have not eaten in any of the Mexican restaurants is Sioux City, but can recommend Fuji Bay for sushi and Kahill's for steak and seafood.

    Kahill's can be pricey, so I usually just go and have a salad or a burger at the bar.

    1. Unfortunately, Sioux City isn't really known for its culinary prowess, but here are a couple of recent posts on SC and NW Iowa (don't be afraid to venture out, Iowans are friendly!)

      I can't really think of many memorable dinners in SC proper, but a good lunch spot includes Tastee Inn and Out. They have loosemeat sandwiches and shakes, but the stars are their onion chips. Instead of cutting onions into the normal rings and frying them, they are separated by layers, breaded, and fried like a chip. The sour cream/horseradish sauce they serve with them is very tasty. The Milwaukee Weiner House in downtown is also a historically popular place--a lot of people seem to love it, but I thought it was kind of plain.

      I also can't think of any local brews off the top of my head. There used to be a brewpub on historic 4th street, but I believe it has been closed for a couple of years. I think your best bet would be regional beers such as Boulevard from KC or Schells from New Ulm, MN.

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        Try Miles' Inn for a Charlie Boy, a kind of loose meat. The beer there isn't local but they serve it in big icy schooners. It's a legendary locale.

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          Just found them on roadfood--they look great! Their taverns actually look a lot like Bob's in LeMars. I think NW Iowa is the only place that call loosemeats taverns. I'll have to try that next time I am home!

      2. I grew up in the area, and seriously, you might have to stick to the 'chain' restaurants. There aren't any fine dining or great local restaurants I can even think of. Any place you do find will have a good steak at a good Iowa price. It is cheap to drink up there too in comparison to a larger city. Good luck.