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Sep 4, 2008 05:30 PM

Dining in the Poconos

I'm fairly new to the area, orignally from Lancaster county where dining is booming and fresh local is always available.. I decided this was the best site to go to ask questions and get out of the house,away from the kitchen.
Looking for anything from ethnic and to fine dining..micro brews are of special interest as as well as local organic..any suggestions? The region is vast and we would like to support locally but hard to make friends since they're miles in between.
Actually did our very 1st pig roast and banana leaves were easier to get than we anticipated. By the way, best pig roast ever better than I could have imagined and I had strong doubts.
Any one out there know about this Delaware River Food and Wine Festival? I know of 2 of the restaurants but none of the others. It seems to be a great event with activities to walk off your caloric overloads.. I'd like to see the chefs in action, it's a great judge of how welcome we'd feel dining too. Any one going?
I'd really like input on great places to eat aside from foot long hot dog stands and see if any one is interested in

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  1. I think that you're going to have to narrow down what you mean when you talk about the Poconos. Near South Sterling (north of Mt. Pocono & Tobyhanna) you have Hazzards Raintree that some have talked highly of. I had 2 kids under four in tow, so I didn't make it this time, but it looks good. There's a lot as long as you're not looking for best-in-the-world, but pretty approachable food. It takes a while to get around up there, so you might have to do some searching on this site since I think there's something like 190 threads related to the Poconos when I last searched.

    1. Three in the Jim Thorpe area:
      Moya on Race Street in JT:
      Kelly's Pub in Lansford off Rte 209: (This is an Irish bar, but the food will knock you out, and most of it is locally sourced - very unusual for bar food. Be sure to ask for the owner, Barney - he's probably in the dining room talking to the patrons
      )And my absolute FAVORITE...FLOW on Broadway is out of this world, and features organic and locally sourced product in innovative combinations. Swing into the gallery next door too as part of the evening's entertainment.

      An honorable mention should got Macaluso's on 209 in Nesquehoning - good italian and really reasonable prices.

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        Funny I saw this post, my daughter goes to camp up that way (Spruce Lake) and we get off I80 and head up 611 North. After dropping her off my wife and I stopped at a place called Pangea (, which as the sign says, serves "international cusine" and is in Scotrun right on 611. Well they do a little of everything and all I can say is that my curry chicken and wife's Thai pork dish were both very good (and we love Indian and Thai and eat them often). We were pleasantly surprised. They also serve Italian and American dishes as well. In this culinary wasteland of an area Pangea is definitely worth a stop!

      2. I have no heard of Hazzards and will have to check them out.
        I live near Blakeslee area. I really think by going to the Foodie Fest, I can learn much more about dining up this way. I've been to Jim Thorpe and have enjoyed the pub. I have to plan my day to get to Thorpe. Pangea.... food is good but I'm not a fan of a restaurant having buffet in addition to menu. Plus I don't like being the only diner there.
        I'll report back about what I thought of the foodie fare...I confess I was impressed with what the event offers beyond the fabulous tasting menu.

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          I have visited this board several times since it started -- looking for good suggestions -- as my wife and I like to stop in the Poconos on our way back to Philly. Blakeslee? In August, we stayed at the Blakeslee Inn but its dining room is now closed on Wednesdays. It has been a couple of years since we have eaten there but it was very good. Although it may not meet the parameters you set, we enjoy the Edelweis in Pocono Lake -- especially since it is so difficult to find German food anywhere. On our stop this August, we ended up at Shenanigan's in Lake Harmony (mainly because it is next door to Piggy's which has a little ice cream stand open at night). It's ok but Murphy's Loft is better on the casual end. Also, thanks doxiemom for mentioning Kelly's Pub. I've made note of it for our next time in the area.

        2. Thanks for your replies. I have the Blakeslee Inn on my list and I saw they'll be at the foodie fare so I'm excited to check them out.
          I think I'm just hoping to find the ecclectic menu to the fine dining. I've been to the Jubilee and it's fine for family dining and bar food. I've not been to Murphy's Loft and have gotten mixed reviews from the few people I've met who've gone there. I've been to Lake Harmony to eat at several of the places and they are as expected...decent,straight forward.
          It's a big county with limited selection..I'm more apt to go out for fine dining with friends and save the bar type restaueants for when I'm too lazy to cook.
          What I really need to know about as well is good pizza and a decent bakery.

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