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Delicious Ciao Bella gelato!

The CIAO BELLA keylime graham cracker is terrific!
Just tried it for the first time tonight.
The perfect creamy tartness of keylime pie with the bonus of
sweet & crunchy graham cracker mixed in.
I had to stop myself from polishing off the whole container...

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    1. re: startsev

      I think I've seen it at Harris Teeter.

      1. re: startsev

        My safeway has some flavors, but not key lime or mint chocolate chip. I'm fond of hazelnut, though.

        1. Love Ciao Bella! The Mint Chip is incredible and actually tastes of fresh mint.
          WFM carries this.

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          1. re: theyawns

            Startsev- I bought mine at Balduccis. They just started selling it at Safeway, too. I would imagine that many gourmet or specialty markets sell it. Perhaps Trader Joe's?? Whole Foods?? Enjoy!

            1. re: chicken kabob

              You can get the basic flavors in ther stores, but some of the more esoteric or unusual flavors tend to only be avaliable at Ciao Bellas actual sotores and stands (I tend to use the one in the dining concorse of Grand Central) but I know there are bigger ones sprinkled around NYC. My flavors of choice are the fresh mint (basically the aformention mint chip sans the chips) and the rose petal (if like me, you like the taste of rosewater). The Lebense yougurt while not to my taste, may also be worth trying especially if you are a fan of cheesecake (the taste is eerily similar) finally they occacionally have a caramom saffron gelato (its color is a sort of pumpkin orange) which I had tried and which I can describe beast as "interesting". hope something here helps someone.

              1. re: jumpingmonk

                The fresh mint flavor I found a bit strong -- I felt like I was eating a cold mint plant! (which is not to say that's bad, but not what I wanted in gelato, yk?)

          2. They have ciao bella at some Whole Foods, and I have also seen it at certain Dominicks grocery stores. I should try this flavor!

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            1. re: Chew on That

              thanks for the recommendation. I got the Ciao Bella key lime graham cracker at Whole Foods and it was delicious!

            2. When I saw the title of this post, I immediately thought of that keylime graham cracker flavor! It's AMAZING. Unfortunately, I can't find it around here anymore...which may not be such a bad thing, considering I did polish off entire containers in a sitting or two :)

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              1. re: bflocat

                It looks like from their website, it was a limited, seasonal flavor ... summer 2008

                Maybe maple gignersnap is on the way

                The only Ciao Bella flavor I really like is the blood orange sorbetto. It is one of the few, if not only, flavor that just uses sugar and not corn syrup. Checking today to see if that was still true (it is) I think they started adding guar gum to it. I don't remember that before.

              2. This flavor sounds good, I will need to look for it. I have tried the pistachio flavor of Ciao Bella, pretty good. I got mine at Shaws market up here in New England.

                1. Our college age son craves Ciao Bella gelato and we bring up a cooler of the choc mint when we visit him. Our local Shop-Rite carries most of the flavors.

                  If you ever want to make yourself a decadent milk shake use the choc mint with chocolate syrup and a splash of Amaretto. Killer!

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                  1. re: HillJ

                    For those of you in South Florida, The Boy's in Delray Beach has an incredible selection of Ciao Bella.

                  2. I just picked up a pint of this at a new local takeout, Pecks To Go. While I love the key lime flavor, there doesn't seem to be any crunchy bits of graham cracker! I haven't dug down deep yet to see if there's some there, but all I'm seeing are graham cracker crumbs strewn throughout the gelato.

                    Someone please tell me I'll eventually find good-sized pieces of graham crackers?

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                    1. re: LindaWhit

                      Can't help with that one, but I just bought a couple of their sorbets last night (there is a Ciao Bella on my block) and the blood orange and Sardinian lemon flavors were great. I've also had an excellent ginger gelato or sorbet (can't remember which).

                      1. re: MMRuth

                        I saw the Blood Orange one, but I didn't feel like that at the time of purchase. But thanks Ruth.

                        I'm just waiting for Trader Joe's to get their Pumpkin ice cream/gelato back for the fall season. OMG, that is beyond heavenly!

                    2. I bought this last night. I stopped in to the local, dumpy Key Food in Sunnyside, Queens, for two yogurts and a head of broccoli. Remembering this post, and the fact that the Key Food surprisingly sells Ciao Bella, on a lark I decided to go to the freezer where they keep the Ciao Bella. And there it was. I practically yelped! And oh my god, it was soooooooo good. I had to stope myself from taking a spoonful on the go when I popped into the freezer before work this morning. I dare say, I thought it was perfect. My "ex"-boyfriend who LOVES Key Lime Pie, is out of town, returning tomorrow, and I am so mad that I told him I would save him some. (Yes, I was so excited about findng it that I texted him immediately).

                      Mmmm...thinking about it now, it was so good. As far as the ground up graham crackers. I liked it. Did not distract much from the creamy, refreshing-ness of it. And, I am usually an ice cream spelunker. Generally, chunks are my favorite part. But I liked this chunkless just fine. More so!

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                      1. re: Justpaula

                        So you got ground up graham crackers as well instead of pieces of graham cracker. Shoot.

                        1. re: LindaWhit

                          Nope, I just got ground up pieces, which oddly, I liked. But, I have to say I re-visited this post today b/c I asked the "ex" last night if he finally tried the portion I saved for him and he said did not because he was very dissappointed that it had no chunks of graham cracker.

                          1. re: Justpaula

                            That's what I was hoping for as well. :-( And not having it makes it less tasty for me. The key lime is a good flavor; but I can only take so much of it at one time.

                        2. re: Justpaula

                          I am glad you tried it-- and LOVED it--that is why this website is so great...