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South Bay good Mexican food

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Where does the South Bay eat good Mexican food? Have tried a place on Artesia west of Inglewood Ave. on north side of street (name escapes me)and it was decent, but looking for other ideas. Stay west of the 405 and not quality holes in the wall. This must be a place to take friends to reward them for something they did for me. Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. Try Coyote Cantina - in a strip mall on PCH @ Beryl. Excellent food & friendly staff.

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      Yes, Coyote Cantina is definitely the best in the South Bay, though there are not very many good ones

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        normally i don't respond to posts that are 8 years old, but my experience with the food at coyote cantina, about 2 years ago was really awful.
        the server was really nice, the place was ok enough, but the food was YUCK.

      2. Try Riviera Mexican Grill in Redondo Beach. Busy place that serves california style Mexican food, not authentic, but tasty with a nice patio.

        Riviera Mexican Grill
        1615 S. Pacific Coast Hwy.
        Redondo Beach
        (310) 540-2501


        1. is the name perhaps El Indio??? I used to frequent there when living in redondo beach

          1. Try Acapulco Mexican Restaurant
            Good Food - Good Bar - Good Service

            600 S. Sepulveda Blvd.
            Phone: (310) 318-8500
            Fax: (310) 318-3587
            1/2 block north of Artesia

            Link: http://www.acapulcorestaurants.com/

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              you're kidding right? this is the ultimate gringo-rized mexican food out there.

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                again, normally i wouldn't respond to an 8 yr old post, but

                acapulco restaurant is not really mexican food imho.
                it is mexican-inspired chain restaurant stuff.

              2. We've just moved up to PV and have found the "Original" Red Onion on Silver Spur. It's better than our old neighborhood Mexican restaurant Paco's Taco's in Westchester. The margaritas are excellent and the service is fast and friendly. Usually crowded on weekend afternoons. Try the Chicken Mole!

                Link: http://www.originalredonion.com

                1. Try Pancho's in N. Manhattan Beach (Highland & Rosecrans) authentic style food, as well as great atmosphere & bar.

                  1. Try El Paso Cantina in Torrance - 2404 Sepulveda Blvd. The food is decent and definetely a step above the chain places (El Torrito, Acupulco, etc). It's a fairly large place and popular with families and groups.

                    1. If you're looking to reward friends and don't want a hole in the wall, take them to Pancho's in Manhattan. It's crazy festive. It feels right for a semi casual celebratory experience.
                      I avoid it like the plague because I can't afford it! All the really good, and even vaguely authentic places that I like are holes in the wall.

                      1. OMG !! All the places mentioned thus far have been labeled " Mexican food for white people " by my Mexican friends. In other words, the food at those restaurants is unpalatable and is served with some kind of runny canned tomato sauce and topped with Monterey jack cheese.

                        For really good Mexican food try The Burnt Tortilla. There are 2 locations, one on Redondo Beach Blvd. in Gardena and the other on Artesia.

                        Leo's on Inglewood Ave. in Manhattan Beach is also good.

                        For cheap, late nite Mexican food go to Rosa's on PCH in Hermosa Beach.

                        Also, Diana's on Sepulveda in Carson is open 24 hours. Diana's also has other locations around the South Bay.

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                          I agree with you about Leo's. Our family has been going there for 30 years. No one believes us when we say how good it is! It's not really in Manhattan Beach. It's in Lawndale. Not a primo zip code, I know, but the food is what counts.

                        2. I agree with the last post; those places can only be considered Mexican food only in non-latin's worlds. I've eaten at the Burnt Tortilla and Diana's and can't say I was impressed with either one. Yet to find a good Mexican food place in the south bay...but if your looking for a place to buy meat from to cook on your grill, you have to try La Venadita : 22035 S. Main St. Carson

                          1. I think the OP was referring to El Indio, which is nothing special, 'old style' Mexican (in the same vein as Burnt Tortilla and Diana's).
                            Other hounds may disagree, but I think that the Wahoo's Fish Taco chain is decent.
                            In my 'hood (Hawthorne) there are some good 'basic' taco joints mixed with forgettable 'old style' places, but few places identifiable as regional or even adventurous. Mirandas on Hawthorne Bl. at Rosecrans is better than average (don't have the menu handy). Licha's on El Segundo Bl. is supposedly Mexico City oriented and has very good chilaquiles, tortas, huaraches, sopes and pambazos. Hamacas La Revolucion, Prairie at Marine, has been reviewed favorably.
                            West of the 405 there are several branches of the barely serviceable El Tarasco chain, good luck...

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                              I agree with the recommendation for Miranda's. I hope they stay in business. The owner was becoming discouraged.

                            2. Try El Gringo in Hermosa.

                              1. u should try a new authentic mexican place called "sabor a mexico taqueria and grill." food is just like mexico city's food. their homemade tortillas are delicious along with their very unique and extensive menu. veggie tacos...mmm...i've tried a lot of stuff and so far is GREAT!!!

                                8940 national blvd
                                between roberston and venice

                                1. El burrito jr. or Alberta's in Wilmington.

                                  1. I'll second the El Gringo recommendation. The carnitas are fabulous. It's definately more authentic than Pancho's which is all about the beautiful building and paying the rent on the incredible location.

                                    I'm going in search of the mentioned Diane's, Hamacas La Revolucion and Burnt Tortilla.

                                    I'm so dissapointed in the South Bay's Mexican food choices... El Gringo works in a pinch, but it's in no means a celebratory location.

                                    1. Teresa's Mosaic Cafe

                                      Cantina-type decor. You won't be embarrassed to take your guests there.

                                      Good food. Family owned. Sister restaurant in Arizona was featured in "Throwdown with Bobby Flay". Bobby Flay won the huevos rancheros contest, but I was impressed that they (Mom & brother) roasted their own chiles for the sauce. Both restaurants make their own tortillas.

                                      Entrees range from $9 (combinaciones) to $15 (camarones rancheros/ al mojo de ajo/ empanizados OR caldo de camaron y pescado).

                                      Tequila menu: Blancos ($6-7), reposados ($6-8), anejos ($6-15). Margaritas ($6-9; pitcher $21). (Martinis ~$10; beers $4)

                                      The owners (Grace & Isaac) & staff are accommodating. Talk to them if you want something more authentic.

                                      Teresa's Mosaic Cafe
                                      150 S Sepulveda Blvd Ste G, El Segundo, CA 90245