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Sep 4, 2008 05:15 PM

Any good Korean food in Philly?

Lately I've had a burning desire to eat some authentic Korean food but not quite sure as to where I could go in the city. I'm open to all suggestions, and price range/directions via SEPTA are a plus! Cheers!

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  1. i'm sorry to disappoint, but i have not found a good korean place in philly. there are some places in upper darby nearby h-mart (the 2nd floor of the supermarket is a food court), and i believe there are places around there that's just okay. but nothing compared to ny/nj area... and absolutely nothing good in center city.

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        I actually saw these places when I was going to my dentist. I'll make sure to check them out and give some reviews.

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          cool! I look forward to hearing about your experiences.

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            So I ventured to North Philly/K-town. I live in Old City but going there took me quite a while by car...so many stop-signs and lights.

            Anyway. I went to the general area near Cheltenham ave, where there were some Korean establishments. To my surprise, I must admit that these looked really legit and smelled very delicious.

            This time I went to Soho Cafe. Inside I felt like I was Korea, the decor, food and everything. :) The food I must admit isn't traditional Korean but it's what's served in some restaurants in Korea. The fried chicken I had were just wings rather than whole chicken and I had (Yang Nyum Chicken, which literally means "Spice Chicken"). I also had DDuk Bok Gi, also popular snack which has rice cakes (dduk) and fish cakes in spicy sauce. On the menu it says that it comes with American Cheese (gross), so I told them to not put the cheese in. I grew up eating this stuff as treats in Korea, so I really enjoyed it. I can see how some people may find the chicken a little too sweet and maybe not really Korean experience. Matter of fact, this type of chicken dishes weren't around when I was really young, and I remember it first came out and there were some chains that sold the dish as "Mexican style chicken". In Korea a lot of the dishes that are offered in Soho Cafe are usually accompaniments for drinking. In Korean culture, for some reason, people usually have small snacks while drinking (the snacks are called An-Joo).

            I haven't been to other places, especially where there are Korean BBQs but they seem to use table-side (or rather on-the-middle-of-the-table grill) charcoal grill, so I give them props for that.

            I went with my friend who's been to Jong Ga Jip, and she says that it's comparable to BCD (Book Chang Dong) in NY/NJ area. So it must be pretty good.

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          As a member of the K-tribe ;-) ...I do agree somewhat with baekster! When I’m not in Queens/ Bayside (Kum Gang San), 32nd and 6th Ave. (Kang Suh) NYC and craving Korean, here are the places I go…. 2nd to 5th Street b/w Cheltenham and Champlost and in the NE are the best places.

          Jong Ga Jip – Specialty is Soft Tofu

          6600 N 5th St
          Philadelphia, PA 19120
          (215) 924-0100
          The soon-dubu chigae is very good here

          Everyday Good House

          5501 N. Front St.
          Philadelphia, PA 19120

          Naengmyun not very pleased with, however the deang-jang chigae, maewon tang and galbi / bulgogi were not bad. The selection of banchan OK.


          On 5th and Champlost

          BBQ and gochu pajun, decent selection of banchan

          Seo Rah Bol

          N. 2nd Street and W. Grange

          Good BBQ and usually a good seasonal banchan selection
          Good naengmyun and decent chajang myun


          KOREAN FRIED CHICKEN!! Haven’t been in over a year now, I’m sure that they are still around…. Hmm perhaps I’ll have to swing by this week to check it out…

          Soho Café on Cheltenham just past 5th street next to the Bank on the corner of 5th and Cheltenham…


      2. 5th Street at Cheltenham avenue is home to quite a number of good Korean Restaurants. Rte 47 bus will get you close from downtown and I think the rte 70 bus from Cottman in the NE.