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Sep 4, 2008 05:08 PM

In NYC next weekend for a birthday-looking for trendy places with good food

My friend and I are in our early 30`s and are bringing our mothers (in their late 50`s) for a weekend in NYC. We all love good food but are also looking for trendy places. We booked Buddakan for Friday night and we were thinking of going to Prune on Saturday. How is the food at these 2 places. What do you recommend for breakfast and lunch? We don't mind splurging a little and we love all kinds of food. I would maybe not go for French as we are from MTL and we are spoiled when it comes to French food! Thanks a lot!

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  1. Brunch or Lunch
    Spotted Pig
    Fig & Olive

    1. Never been to Buddakan, but the food is very good at Prune. I hope they aren't picky eaters. The place is very cozy (a little cramped too) and the menu is on the small side and eccentric. I wouldn't say that it's trendy unless you mean that it's hip with chefs. It's not somewhere that people get all dressed up to go out to, really.

      Best brunch:

      Advice for Montreal visitors:

      1. If you prefer to avoid French, Pastis and Tartine are out.

        1. For brunch, you might want to try Five Points. Also, the Blue Ribbon Bakery is very popular in the West Village. A lot of people like to go to Norma's at the Parker Meredien Hotel and Sarabeth's Kitchen. For steak, the restaurant called The Strip House is fun and great. For dinner, you might want to check out the Grammercy Park Hotel ( Be sure to check out their roof club and garden for a drink. You might enjoy a lunch at Pastis in the meat packing district.
          Five Points
          31 Great Jones Street
          New York, NY 10012
          (212) 253-5700

          1. From one Montrealer to another, Lupa is excellent, fairly priced and quite buzzing. I'd also add Crispo. I'm partial to Alta for tapas and for the vibe as well as Inoteca for simpler italian and a great wine list, they don't rerservations though. The SPotted Pig is also a very good rec. For breakfast or lunch, I like Le Pain Quotiden and they have numerous branches in Manhattan or Teany for vegetarian fare.